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What Is Solar Thermal Hot Water and How Does It Work?

Assume you own or want to own a solar water heating system. You’ve begun a long-term saving plan for both your budget and our beautiful planet. We can assist you in servicing that equipment or finding the proper heating solution for your needs! We handle various types of solar heating systems, but if you’re still undecided, here are some suggestions to get you started!

There are Two Main Viable Options

  • Solar thermal hot water system
  • Solar photovoltaics that has been diverted (PV)

What Is Solar Thermal Hot Water and How Does It Work?

To be clear, a solar thermal panel does not create energy; it just heats the water. It is a means of bringing water into direct contact with the sun’s heat. Flat-plate and evacuated-tube collectors are the two types of solar thermal panels available. Flat-plate solar thermal panels are three times thicker than photovoltaic panels and have a comparable appearance. Under a vacuum, heat pipes are encased by glass tubes in the most common type. The glass tube is made up of two glass walls separated by a heat-retaining vacuum.The heat pipe is pressurised as well, allowing for quick boiling at low temperatures. The heat is transported to a well-insulated storage tank by flowing around the top of the heat pipe.

Multiple parallel glass tubes make up evacuated-tube collector systems. The sunlight hits the tubes, causing a vacuum to form between the two pieces of glass (thus the term “evacuated”). A copper component is contained within the glass tubes and heats the water. This system performs well in foggy or chilly conditions and can heat water to extremely high temperatures. However, it is more costly than a Flat-Plate method.

What Is A Solar Hot Water System With A Diverted Photovoltaic (PV) System?

As a cost-effective method for heating water, this system employs standard photovoltaic (PV) solar panels with heat pumps. The availability of this option is determined by the type of building and your requirements.


  • Pipes all the way to the roof
  • A tank and pump on the ground or a tank on the roof.
  • Thermoelectric panels
  • Installation may necessitate the use of a crane.
  • For installation, you’ll need a licensed, insured plumber and electrician.

Why Choose Us?

Ipswich Hot Water is a prominent supplier of hot water solar systems and related services.

For solar water heating system maintenance, upgrades, or assistance in determining the optimum mix of alternatives for your household or workplace, contact us today!

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Benefits of Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems

Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems

Through the act of water heating, water heaters may bring warmth and comfort to any household. That method allows water to be heated to the desired temperature using a specific energy source. Solar energy, electricity, and gas are now used to power water heaters. Instantaneous hot water heaters are one of the most common forms of water heaters. That is because they employ natural gas or propane-fueled gas heaters. If you’re looking for the best water heater for your house, consider gas water heaters because they offer the following benefits over other types of water heaters.

Process of Rapid Heating

In comparison to other forms of water heaters, gas water heaters can quickly heat water in a short period. That is since gas water heaters perform and recover more rapidly than electric versions, allowing them to restore the hot water supply promptly. Furthermore, the fast recovery rate of these heaters ensures that your family has enough hot water. This particular feature of gas water heaters is suitable for large houses with high hot water demand.

Water That is Cleaner

Any water from your pipes can be boiled and heated fresh by tankless gas water heaters at the cost of increased energy usage. Tankless gas water heaters, unlike storage water heaters, do not accumulate hard mineral deposits. As a result, rust is not even allowed to enter the system. However, if you still use gas water heaters, frequent maintenance can help prevent rust and mineral deposits from forming.

Costs of Energy are Lower

Gas water heaters lose a lot of heat during operation due to exhaust gases and the tank’s walls. Even with this disadvantage, electric heaters are still far less expensive to run. Natural gas and propane as a power source for water heaters allow you to save a lot of money because they are much cheaper than electricity.

Installation is Simple

Gas water heaters have many advantages over other forms of water heaters, including ease of installation. Installing a gas water heater is usually straightforward, especially if your property already has a gas line. Furthermore, they can be placed anywhere. Finally, their tiny form factors allow them to be easily fitted, whether indoors or outside. 

Improved Security

Propane gas is one of the world’s cleanest burning fossil fuels. As a result, authorities have approved this specific gas as a substitute fuel for various machines and gadgets. With these factors in mind, using this gas for water heaters reduces significant greenhouse gas emissions.

Contact us right away to find out more information about our instantaneous gas hot water system.

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How To Extend The Lifespan of Your Hot Water System?

Solar Hot water systems are a great long term option for energy savings and system reliability. A hot water unit can endure anywhere from 15 to 20 years if properly maintained and cared for (note: presumed lifecycle will fluctuate between various models). Ignoring your Solar Hot water system, on the other hand, can shorten its lifespan and lead to a system collapse, which means freezing showers and the risk of water destruction to your home. Ipswich Hot Water are the plumbing and hot water specialists in the area. Call us for all of your hot water services, whether you have a damaged hot water system or a leaking pipe. In the meanwhile, read our prime advice for prolonging the life of your hot water unit to safeguard your investment and maintain it functioning correctly.

Regular Inspections
Inspecting the tank for signs of leaking or damage is an easy method to lengthen the life of your hot water unit. That way, you’ll be able to spot possible issues promptly as they appear and have them corrected before they cause additional harm and develop into a significant repair.

Check The Pressure Valve

You’ll need to examine the temperature-pressure relief valve once you’ve checked the exterior of the tank for indications of a leak. Every storage hot water system has a temperature-pressure relief (TPR) valve built as a safety precaution.

Examine the Anode Rod

Have you ever questioned why your steel water tank doesn’t rust while it’s packed with water? The sacrificial anode rod is the answer. Even though various metals corrode at varying rates, the anode rod comprises a metal that oxidizes before steel, preventing rusting in the steel tank. On the other hand, the steel tank can begin to erode once most of the anode rod has corroded. When the tank starts to disintegrate, you must replace the entire system. 

Regular Professional Maintenance
Getting your hot water heater serviced, repaired and installed by a trained expert regularly will guarantee that it functions effectively for as long as feasible. In addition, your hot water technician will physically inspect the tank for signs of leaks and corrosion, inspect the anode rod and replace it if required, and test the pressure relief valve for you during a scheduled service.

Contact us right away to speak to our qualified professionals or find out more information about our hot water services.

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Benefits Of Using An Instantaneous Hot Water Heater

Instantaneous Hot Water Heater

Having an instantaneous hot water heater in your home or building has a number of benefits that ensure its place, and worth in any house. While there are many ways to heat these amenities and there are many models available, with a vast type of power choices and functions, there is one that stands out with distinct benefits when discussing ideas. In reality these systems have their distinct benefits and are widely used even today.

Constant Supply

A common myth is that instant or tankless system options are not as effective as storage alternatives because they cannot maintain a bulk supply of heated elements. Properly installed, adjusted and sized tankless systems are extremely successful in providing an endless supply when and where you need it. While most think of the old-timey designs, the newer models have modern abilities that ensure their efficiency.

Space Saving 

A tankless design like this can be installed either outdoors or indoors, and is mounted on a wall for stability and access. These surprisingly compact designs have electronic pilots unlike the open-flame controls of the tanked options. This also allows the system to be enclosed in cupboards, closets or other small areas. Places where the tank system would be hazardous.

Longer Service Life, Less Maintenance 

If properly and correctly installed, this design will last far longer than a traditional tank-based option available on the market. Not only better for longevity, their maintenance needs are also very low, meaning reduced costs on call outs and repairs. Conventional heating systems last for around 7-10 years, while a good quality tankless syste can last for up to two decades. Almost every element and part of the tankless system can be serviced and replaced individually, which also means that when repairs are needed, you only service one piece and not replace an entire unit.

Higher Safety And Convenience

Since these instant solution systems have neither a tank nor an open-flame, they are definitely safer than the storage options alongside them on the market. With a digital temperature system and increased efficiency these are an ideal way to go to provide your home with optimum hot water abilities.

If you are looking for a reliable instantaneous hot water heater solution for your home or property be sure to go for a certified, trusted brand of model, as well as a professional company to install it correctly. With all the expertise you require, be sure to contact us immediately when you need these services!

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Benefits Of Using Alternatives To Solahart Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solahart hot water systems are versatile, but are not the only solution to your solar heating needs. There are a number of alternatives available that can provide excellent eco-friendly hot water to your property. Whether you choose a Solahart hot water system or one of our top quality alternatives, installing one of these technological designs in your home will help you save money and reduce your dependency on the grid. Read on to see the benefit of installing one of our trusted alternative options on your property.

Active Systems With Constant Supply

These designs come in two general forms. The first, being direct circulation, encompasses  systems that pump household water through collecting elements, before funneling it back to where it is needed. These systems make use of automatic controllers that sense when sunlight is available to be used. The second type is the indirect circulation system. This design takes on heating by pumping household water through a heat-transfer fluid that doesn’t freeze. Once complete it is then sent through collectors and an exchanger which ensures the transfer warms the liquid inside the collectors.

Passive Systems In Warm Climates

As we live in a warm climate, there are also two types of passive systems available to you. An integral collector-storage system is made up of a tank for storage, a solar collection unit, as well as pipes that carry the soon-to-be-heated liquid into the collector. This system suits a home that needs hot water heated in the day and evening.


Less space: Solar thermal panels usually require much less space than their common alternative products. Fewer are required for amenities like this, than in an array used to produce power for a home.

High efficiency: Consistent sun is a continuous source of energy to be used on a day to day basis. With the right configuration you can have a maximised output of energy.

Cost savings: The cost of two or three panels is cheaper than larger installations. Not to mention the obvious cut in costs to power bills in general.

Low maintenance: After installation, little maintenance is required, and a system can run for up to 20 years.

Lower carbon footprint: A home can be eco-friendly and ensure a far lower carbon footprint.

Solahart hot water systems may seem ideal, until you see the brilliant range available as a more effective and cost-reducing alternative selection. Harness natural energy for your home in the most effective ways. With a range of designs and models available, these are an investment in your property and family’s well-being. Contact us today to find out more about what options are available!

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What is Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems

What is an Instant Hot Water System: Instantaneous Hot Water

An instantaneous hot water system heats the water when used. An instant gas hot water system provides a continuous flow of hot water.

Instant gas hot water system heats the hot water as it passes through a heat exchanger inside the unit. The gas burner inside the heat exchanger is the primary function that processes the cool water and converts it to hot water.

The instantaneous hot water system provides hot water on demand whenever you turn on the tap. An instant gas hot water system (instant hot water system) is tankless, wall-mounted and compact.

You also get optional temperature control of your hot water in different rooms.

With instantaneous hot water, you’ll never run out even with extra guests and it helps you save energy, too. To ensure that your home has access to hot water whenever you need it.

Space Saving

Continuous hot water systems are conventional methods of heating with a compact design. Also called instantaneous hot water systems or on-demand, these designs go through gas or electricity to warm the segments and provide heated water where it’s required. With an array of styles available, there is a model to suit everyone’s heating needs. There are different sizes, heating 1.5 litres to 37 litres every minute of the day! They can even be small in size and mounted to a wall. The unit then processes to heat water (extraordinary for office use) or full size for a home or business. That is a miraculous choice if you are searching for a controlled, eco-conscious and power-saving solution. These types of gas tanks need installation for ventilation.

How it Works

These units work by pushing cold water through copper funneling and applying heat directly to these pipes. When a hot tap is turned on, a stream sensor triggers and starts the heating. Inside a continuous flow gas system, it triggers a burner and, in an electric system, it sparks a warming component. The water tank processes the cool water to the correct temperature and then pushes it directly to your tap. These units can only function when the hot tap is turned on and provide continuous or instantaneous hot water as long as the tanks are on. These systems are an alternative to traditional hot water taps. They both supply hot water, just in different ways.

Our expert team is dedicated to looking after your instantaneous hot water system. Contact us today!

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Choosing The Right Rinnai Hot Water System for Your Home

Rinnai Hot Water System

Do not put off buying your hot water system until your old tank bursts out; instead, plan your purchase! Rinnai has three types of hot water units – continuous flow, hot water storage and solar Rinnai hot water. We have discussed a guide to help make this decision easier for you. It will help you understand the different types of hot water systems available  and how to pick the right Rinnai hot water system for your household.

Rinnai Continuous Hot Water Systems

Have you had the opportunity to appreciate the advantage of gas or electric continuous flow hot water heating? You likewise get some eco-warrior points for saving water, as you don’t waste water while trusting that heated water will arrive at the tap! Additionally, it can save you power due to utilizing gas or demand-only heating.

This system is known as an ‘infinity system’. Not paying to keep 180L to 250L of water hot, over and over, throughout the day makes so much sense! Saving your pocket and saving our planet is an incredibly alluring proposal.

Storage Tank Hot Water System

Most of the water heating methods – electric, gas, solar and heat pump use a storage tank. Though tanks are insulated, there is some heat loss over time. We strongly advise you to install them in enclosed spaces or sunny spots. Storage tanks built using mild steel can erode with time, so they require maintenance every few years to prevent this. From the moment you purchase your Rinnai hot water storage system, you need to place it in the correct location, and ensure the thermostat is set at an appropriate temperature.

Solar Rinnai Hot Water System

The Solar Hot Water panel is a method used from the sun’s energy to heat water. We offer two types of solar thermal hot water; Flat-plate and evacuated-tube collector.

The flat-plate thermal water panel looks very similar to photovoltaic panels but, it is three times the size. The second type is the evacuated-tube collector system. That panel is composed of multiple parallel glass tubes. The sun heats the pipe to create a vacuum between the two pieces of glass. The latter is more expensive and should only get utilized in colder areas.

The last thing you need is second-guessing your hot water. Call us for service of your Rinnai hot water systems, upgrading or helping you choose the best options for your home or business.

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The Biggest Reasons To Buy Solahart Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems

A Solahart hot water system is worth investing in for many reasons, but these are the most important ones. Heating with energy directly from the sun is a brilliant way to take full advantage of free, renewable power for your home or business. With a number of functional benefits to having these systems installed, they have become the reliable choice in the reduction of national grid energy consumption as well as general household costs. See more about the benefits below.

Save On Your Heating Bill

Installing solar designs in your home or building is a brilliant way to cut down on your costs dramatically over time. A solar set up can reliably provide a predictable amount of free heat each day, with amounts obviously varying from location to location. These savings add up over time and allow you to take your geyser or heating expense out of the monthly bill equation. Whether going for thermal or PV options, depending on your needs and budget, you can greatly cut down your costs around heating in your home.

Little To No Maintenance

Once you install a solar heating system in your building, you won’t need to worry much about maintenance much other than the predetermined, and very expected maintenance dates. It’s a good idea to replace the circulated antifreeze fluid and have your system inspected by our dedicated team every few years as a safety measure for certainty, but in general, regular maintenance requirements are basic for most installations.

Environmentally Friendly 

Most traditional means of heating rely on fossil fuels and gas which can be harmful to the environment in either use or byproduct. With a solar heating system in play you can rest easy knowing you are actively reducing your carbon footprint and creating a green home. Relying less on the power grid is a wonderful way to enjoy a more eco friendly space, as well as ensuring you have your amenities if the power ever cuts out for any reason.

When you get a Solahart hot water system installed in your home you can enjoy a number of benefits and advantages. When you have professional guidance and an expert team to complete the installation you can be sure you have the best system for your locations and situation. From a larger space to a thicker tubing, there are options to suit your needs. Whether reducing costs or impact on the environment, this is a wonderful way to create a more eco friendly home for your family. Contact us today to find out more about these services!