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Solar Hot Water Replacement & Installation Services

If you own or are looking to own solar water heating solutions, well done! You have started a long term saving strategy for your wallet and our beloved planet. We’re here to help you service that equipment or help you source the right heating solution for you! 

We service all solar heating systems, but if you are still in the process of choosing, here is some advice to help you on your way! 

There are two main options available:

What Is Solar Thermal Hot Water?

Just to clarify, the solar thermal panel doesn’t generate electricity for a house; it only heats water. It is a direct method of water “in contact” with the sun’s heat.

You can choose from two types of solar thermal panels: flat-plate and evacuated-tube collector.

Flat-plate solar thermal panels look similar to photovoltaic panels but are three times thicker. The most commonly used type has heat pipes surrounded by glass tubes under vacuum. The glass tube has two walls of glass with a heat-retaining vacuum between the two walls.

The heat pipe is also pressurised, allowing rapid boiling at low temperatures. The heat flows around the top of the heat pipe and is transferred to a well-insulated storage tank.

Evacuated-tube collector systems are made up of multiple parallel glass tubes. The sun heats the tubes, which creates a vacuum between the two pieces of glass (hence, “evacuated”). Within the glass tubes is a copper piece that gets very hot and heats the water. This system works well in cloudy or cooler areas, and can heat the water to very high temperatures. It is, however, more expensive than a Flat-Plate system. 


What Is A Diverted Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Hot Water System?

This system uses traditional photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and heat pumps as a cost-effective option for heating water. This option availability depends on your building type and your needs. Contact us to discuss the best option for you. 

This combination of systems can work out to have the cheapest upfront costs as well as being the most reliable, with low maintenance requirements and no noise impact (from the heat pump). 

It is called a Diverted PV System because it diverts excess solar power from the PV panels to heat water using your existing storage water heater

This will only cost about $1,000 extra to get it installed if you get it at the same time as a new solar system.

The diverter’s intelligent controller will need 1.5–2 kW of extra panels. A 5 kW system is a standard starter size for a home and to add on an extra 1.6 kW of panels will be cheap because the rebate is based on the number of solar panels.

When purchasing a solahart hot water system, it is super cost-effective to add more panels, so go bigger. We know you will never regret it.

Decision Making

A small roof and large household energy consumption mean PV heating will not suit your needs.

A large roof is needed for PV panels but reserve space for more solar PV panels for future power for batteries and for your electric car. It will be a standard in homes in future.

Solahart thermal hot water (both Flat Plate and Evacuated Tube) is space efficient as are solar heat pumps (no roof space).

We are providing solahart Hot water systems & their services like solahart installers & solahart replacements.

Call us for servicing of your solar water heating systems, upgrading or helping you choose the best combination of options for your home or business. 

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