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The Luxury Of Instant Hot Water!

Are you enjoying the luxury of gas or electric continuous flow hot water heating? Well done! You also get some eco-warrior points for saving water as you don’t waste water whilst waiting for hot water to arrive at the tap! It also saves electricity due to demand-only heating or by using gas.

Some people call this system an ‘infinity system’. Not paying to keep 180L to 250L of water heated up, again and again, all day long makes so much sense! Saving your pocket and saving our planet is an extremely attractive proposition.

Add to that the luxury of not “running out” of hot water and you’re smiling for years. 


Continuous hot water systems are a traditional means of heating  with a more compact design. Also known as tankless, instantaneous or on-demand, these designs use gas or electricity to warm up the components, and provide heated water where it’s needed. Available in a range of styles, there is a model to suit everyone’s heating needs. There are multiple sizes, heating 1.5 litres up to 37 litres every minute! They can even be as small as wall-mounted unit that heats as you use it (great for office use), or full size for a home or business. This is a great option if you are looking for a controlled, eco-friendly and electricity saving solution. Gas tanks need to be installed for ventilation.

How It Works

These designs work by pushing cold water through copper piping, and applying heat directly to these pipes. When a hot tap is turned on, a flow sensor triggers and starts the heating. In a continuous flow gas system it triggers a burner and in an electric system it triggers a heating element. The water is heated to the necessary temperature and then fed straight to your tap. When the tap is turned off, the unit shuts off too. As no water is stored, there is no heat loss from a tank or any need to keep a body of water at a consistent temperature. These units only operate when the hot tap is turned on, and provide continuous hot water for as long as the tap is open.


To keep your system safe and to extend its lifespan, it is recommended that you have it serviced every two years. Of course, if there seems to be a niggling problem with the system then give us a call for a quick checkup and solution.

If your area is subject to hard water supply, then the manufacturers refer to special attention being given to the heat exchangers. These components, in hard water areas, are susceptible to lime build-up. Your qualified, licensed, insured plumber can prevent this when you schedule an appointment. They will flush the unit with solutions as part of regular maintenance and servicing. Minor lime build-up can be reversed, but if your system is not service and significant build-up damage is caused, manufacturers’ warranties do not cover this. 

Outdoor Units

These trusty workhorses do well with a good clean once a month minimum. This will prevent rusting of the casing or rusting of the flue. If your plumber spots a little bit of rust during the scheduled service, they can gently sand it and apply a metal primer. This primer will stabilise the surface, deactivate oxidisation, protect the area and stop more rust from occurring.

If you are lucky enough to live near the sea, you should be strict about your outdoor unit’s regular monthly cleaning because that aromatic, salty air will be sticking to it daily. If rust is found and sanded, then two coats of primer will do well in protecting it.

If your system has extensive rust, then we can supply you with replacement components. 


Your tankless, instantaneous hot water system can last up to 20 years! A traditional hot water tank system usually has a lifespan of 10 years.

Support that lifespan by booking a regular maintenance service, or contact us ask us any questions you have about installing a instantaneous hot water system.

Our expert team is ready to take care of your continuous hot water system.

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