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What Is Solar Thermal Hot Water and How Does It Work?


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Assume you own or want to own a solar water heating system. You’ve begun a long-term saving plan for both your budget and our beautiful planet. We can assist you in servicing that equipment or finding the proper heating solution for your needs! We handle various types of solar heating systems, but if you’re still undecided, here are some suggestions to get you started!

There are Two Main Viable Options

  • Solar thermal hot water system
  • Solar photovoltaics that has been diverted (PV)

What Is Solar Thermal Hot Water and How Does It Work?

To be clear, a solar thermal panel does not create energy; it just heats the water. It is a means of bringing water into direct contact with the sun’s heat. Flat-plate and evacuated-tube collectors are the two types of solar thermal panels available. Flat-plate solar thermal panels are three times thicker than photovoltaic panels and have a comparable appearance. Under a vacuum, heat pipes are encased by glass tubes in the most common type. The glass tube is made up of two glass walls separated by a heat-retaining vacuum.The heat pipe is pressurised as well, allowing for quick boiling at low temperatures. The heat is transported to a well-insulated storage tank by flowing around the top of the heat pipe.

Multiple parallel glass tubes make up evacuated-tube collector systems. The sunlight hits the tubes, causing a vacuum to form between the two pieces of glass (thus the term “evacuated”). A copper component is contained within the glass tubes and heats the water. This system performs well in foggy or chilly conditions and can heat water to extremely high temperatures. However, it is more costly than a Flat-Plate method.

What Is A Solar Hot Water System With A Diverted Photovoltaic (PV) System?

As a cost-effective method for heating water, this system employs standard photovoltaic (PV) solar panels with heat pumps. The availability of this option is determined by the type of building and your requirements.


  • Pipes all the way to the roof
  • A tank and pump on the ground or a tank on the roof.
  • Thermoelectric panels
  • Installation may necessitate the use of a crane.
  • For installation, you’ll need a licensed, insured plumber and electrician.

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