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Hot Water System Installation: What to Consider Before Buying a Water Heater?


It is important to take your time when selecting the right hot water system for installation, considering your needs as well as your financial situation. With so many options available in the market, determining which hot water system is ideal for you can be difficult. If you are looking to purchase a new water heater or want to replace an old one, keep reading as we discuss five of the most important things to consider when purchasing a hot water system. 

1) Size of the Hot Water System

Make sure the water heating system you want to purchase is fit for the space that is available in your home. You can choose between a short or lowboy water heater if a standard-size water heater is what you want but you simply don’t have the space for it. They can still provide the same amount of water with less space. Tankless water heaters are another choice for small spaces. 

2) Availability and Cost of Fuel

Natural gas, electricity, and solar energy are some examples of the fuels used to power hot water systems. Learn about the various fuel options available in your area, and then narrow down your options for hot water system installation based on that knowledge. Some fuels may be easier to find in your area than others. The energy source and fuel type have an impact on the efficiency and annual operating costs of a water heating system. As a result, you should take your time in selecting one that fits your budget and needs. 

3) Is the Water Heater Energy Efficient?

Water heaters use a lot of energy. Since some hot water systems are more energy-efficient than others, you can compare their energy efficiency. It is advised that you look at the unit’s EF rating in order to compare how much you will ultimately spend on operating costs each year. A higher energy factor indicates a more energy-efficient water heating system. 

4) Tank or Tankless Hot Water System?

A tank heating system is also known as a storage hot water system. It is the more conventional model, which you may already be using. As the name suggests, hot water is kept warm in a tank and is always ready for use. Storage hot water systems typically cost less up front but may have higher long-term energy costs. 

Tankless water heating systems, on the other hand, have a higher initial cost but much lower ongoing energy costs because they only heat the water when it is needed. As they don’t keep a reserve of water, tankless water heaters are more compact in size.

5) Looking for an Environment Friendly Option?

If you care about the environment, you may want to consider a water heating system that does not contribute to the hot-water carbon footprint. A solar hot water system is a great option not just for consumers who care about the environment, but also for regular household owners.

6) What is the Storage Capacity?

Capacity refers to not only how much water the tank can hold, but also how quickly it can heat the water. When deciding on the water heater’s storage capacity, take into account the size of your home, the number of people in your family and your water usage. The storage capacity of your hot water tank is also affected by whether it is electric or gas-powered.

Are you looking for gas hot water system installation or repairs in Brisbane and surrounding areas?

As your local hot water specialist, Ipswich Hot Water is here to assist you if you are considering a hot water system installation in Ipswich. Contact us today! 

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Benefits of Installing Gas Hot Water Systems in Your Brisbane Property

Benefits of Installing Gas Hot Water Systems in Your Brisbane Property

A gas hot water system is one of the most widely used water heating methods. There are three main types of gas hot water systems:

  • Gas storage hot water system
  • Instantaneous or continuous flow gas hot water system
  • Solar water heaters with instantaneous gas boosting

Gas hot water systems are typically used by property owners to provide a constant flow of hot water. They not only provide a constant flow but also operate fast and effectively to provide a sufficient supply of hot water. Here are a few benefits of installing a gas hot water system in your Brisbane property.

1) Quick Water Heating

When it comes to your hot water needs, a gas storage tank hot water system heats the water quickly. As the gas burns quickly, it means that it heats the water instantly and uses less energy. You can use instantaneous gas hot water systems, which only heat water when it is needed and do not require a storage tank. 

2) Cost Effective

When you choose a gas hot water system, you can expect to save money in the long run. The monthly cost of running gas hot water systems is lower than that of other water heaters because gas prices are slightly lower. Hot water gas systems are very efficient, have little thermal resistance, and produce hot water at a very low cost. 

3) Functional During Power Outages

Another benefit of gas water heaters is that they can operate without electricity, even during power outages. In the event of a power loss, your water supply will stay operational, so you do not need to worry about hot water running out. 

4) Eco-friendly

Water heating system in a typical Australian household is one of the main contributors to harmful gas emissions but natural gas-powered hot water systems produce fewer greenhouse gases. 
Using a classic natural gas water heater is a better alternative for individuals who are both environmentally conscious and cost-sensitive.

5) Supply Cleaner Water

Instantaneous gas hot water systems can purify water by heating it directly from pipes. These water heating systems do not collect rust or other hard minerals, so they provide clean water. Storage gas hot water systems can be prevented from rust and other mineral deposits with regular maintenance. 

Are you looking for gas hot water system installation or repairs in Brisbane and surrounding areas?

At Ipswich Hot Water, we are fully prepared to tackle almost any type of gas installation or repair project that comes our way. Our professional hot water specialists are thoroughly trained and experienced and can provide you with an installation service that is tailored to meet your needs. Contact us today! 

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5 Ways Gas Hot Water Systems Give Value For Money

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5 Ways Gas Hot Water Systems Give Value For Money

Who doesn’t love the comfort and convenience of having hot water all year round? But high water heating bills aren’t easy to manage, straining monthly budgets and adding to the overall monthly expenses.

What if I told you that you can lower your water bills and still have an energy-efficient water heater that supplies hot water on demand? Yes, it’s possible. And no, there’s no magic genie granting wishes. Only a high-performance, instant gas hot water system that has it all.

In the following article, we’ll discuss the benefits of continuous flow gas hot water systems and how they can help you save money.

What Are Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems?

Unlike the traditional gas water heaters, tankless ones don’t store water in tanks. They heat water via a burner when the hot water tap is turned on. Cold water passes through heated copper pipes, delivering hot water on demand whenever needed.

The unit switches off when the hot water isn’t being used. Thus, removing the cost of storing hot water at a consistent temperature ready to be used.

Instantaneous gas hot water heaters are available in a wide range of sizes and models with heating capabilities to suit your water heating requirements. There are compact, wall-mounted gas water heaters for studios, small apartments or offices. And full-sized ones for large families and businesses.

Benefits Of Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems

Read on to learn the many benefits of instant flow gas hot water systems and how they provide a good return on your investment.

1. Energy Efficiency

Tankless gas hot water systems provide hot water on demand, only using energy to heat the water when needed. There’s no energy wastage keeping water heated in storage tanks, thereby helping you save a considerable amount of money on gas bills. They also heat water faster than the electric models, reducing water loss while waiting for the water to heat and lowering utility costs.
Tankless gas models can also be paired with solar to further boost energy savings and improve efficiency. The latest Rinnai and Rheem models have smart systems for precise temperature control and usage that can be set according to your schedule.

2. Longer Lifespan

Continuous flow gas hot water heaters have a lifespan of over 20 years with proper maintenance. That’s almost double that of storage gas heaters that last for 10 to 15 years.
It offsets the higher purchase costs, giving you an energy-efficient system that doesn’t need to be replaced after a couple of years.

3. Low Maintenance

All types of water heaters require routine maintenance to keep them functioning perfectly. Gas water heaters aren’t any different. They have to be flushed once a year to remove sediment build-up and twice if you live in an area with hard water.

Other than that, all instant gas water heaters need is a surface clean to wipe the dust and air and water filter cleaning. The good news is that you can say goodbye to anode rod replacements, tank cleaning and water leakages for 2 decades.

There’s no need for frequent gas hot water repairs and the hassle and expense that comes with it. An annual water heater servicing with routine inspection by a professional Brisbane plumber is more than enough for piping hot water all year round.

4. Space Saving

Don’t have the space for large storage tanks and gas units?
Tankless gas hot water systems are compact and can be installed in limited spaces without affecting performance. They even have the flexibility to be installed in multiple locations throughout the property to improve output flow and boost energy savings.

If you want to maximise the efficiency of your system, hire an experienced gas hot water plumber for installation. Since gas heaters require proper ventilation and shade, the location has to be chosen accordingly. Properties with space limitations can also have their gas water heater placed inside.
That’s why it’s imperative to get a licensed plumber for gas hot water installation. Even if you already have the line and connections in place, the gas pressure must be adjusted to the new system to heat the water effectively.

The initial setup and purchase costs may be high for continuous flow gas hot water systems, but correct installation by an experienced professional ensures fewer complications and repairs down the road.

5. Bacteria-Free And Fresh Water 24/7

Standing hot water in tank can attract bacteria if the tank is compromised, resulting in foul-smelling, stale and unhygienic water. In instant gas water heaters, there’s no such problem. You get fresh hot water on demand without worrying about water sanitation and tank cleaning.

Ready To Invest In A Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System?

If you’re looking for a gas hot water replacement that’s durable, low maintenance and saves money, then tankless gas water heaters are a perfect match for you!

They’re eco-friendly, have lower operational costs and always give you hot water at the end of the day.

Ipswich Hot Water is the leading hot water specialist in Brisbane. We have years of experience with gas hot water systems and can help you choose the best one for your home or business. Reach out to our local hot water experts to discuss your requirements and budget today.

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3 Telltale Signs That You Need Heat-Pump Water Heater Services

Rinnai Hot Water System

Heat pump water heaters use heat from the surrounding air to heat the water inside of your hot water tank. Unlike a conventional hot water system that is run by electricity, heat pump installation reduces your annual water heating energy consumption by two thirds, depending on the brand and model of your heat pump and the climate in your area. But although heat pumps have a longer lifespan than many other hot water systems, they still require regular maintenance to continue providing you with hot water, whenever you need it.

If you already have a heat pump hot water system installed in your home, beware of these alarming signs and if needed, call your nearest heat pump services immediately for assistance:

Insufficient Hot Water

Remember the days when you had a newly installed heat pump in your home and how happy you were to have enough hot water all the time?
If your family members have started complaining about lukewarm and sometimes cold water in the shower, it’s probably because your heat pump is losing its heating power. You can schedule a heat pump maintenance check where a professional hot water technician will either repair your heat pump or suggest a replacement if necessary.

Discoloured or Dirty Water

If you are getting rusty or brown-coloured water from your hot water tap, this can be a sign that your heat pump is failing. This could be because of rust in your heating tank or because the tank has been damaged by sediment buildup. Sometimes, discolouration can also be caused by the old galvanised pipes supplying hot water to your home. Whatever the reason, your water is no longer safe to use and you need to hire a reliable heat pump service ASAP to get to the bottom of the problem.

Fluctuating Water Temperature

Hot water is a blessing when you want a warm, relaxing shower after a tiring day at work. It also works wonders for washing your oily dishes. If you are facing changes in water temperature while doing the dishes or in the middle of your daily shower, this may be because of the age of your heat pump or because of some underlying problem in your hot water unit.

Since ageing heat pumps can gradually lose their efficiency, only an experienced hot water repair specialist can inspect, troubleshoot, or replace your old heat pump if you have already used it for more than 13 years.

If you find another noticeable difference in the performance of your heat pump other than these common problems, it’s always a good idea to ask a hot water technician to check it for you. While a well-maintained heat pump can last for years, there will come a time when your technician will suggest replacing the entire unit to save you from costly repairs every other month.

Heat Pump Service Near You

While the initial cost of installing a new heat pump is slightly higher than a traditional hot water unit, the benefits certainly make it a worthwhile investment in the long run. Not only do heat pumps save energy, but they are also the most environmentally friendly option among all the other water heaters available on the market.

If you are planning to install a new heat pump water heater on your property, or your old heat pump needs repair or maintenance services, Ipswich Hot Water has got you covered.

Get in touch with us today.

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5 Ways An Ideal Solar Hot Water System Service Facilitates Homeowners

Hot Water Systems Specialists

Hot water makes life so much easier. And the blessing of it is twofold when it doesn’t put a strain on your energy bills. This is one of the main reasons why there has been a rise in solar hot water heater installations in Australian homes. When opting for a solar hot water heater, it’s important to look for a service that provides a full range of solutions for your home. That way, you don’t have to deal with multiple tradespeople for a single installation.

Here are the services that your solar hot water plumbers should ideally provide:


It often gets difficult for homeowners to decide which solar hot water heater is suitable for their home. From the brand to the size of the hot water system and more, it’s hard to know what factors count towards the best results from their new installation. A professional solar hot water system service will send an expert to assess your hot water needs before recommending a solar water heater that suits your family size and budget.


The efficiency of your solar water heater largely depends on proper installation. If your heater is installed by experienced solar hot water installers, a single installation will go a long way. Therefore, always ask around to find a trustable solar hot water system service so you don’t end up wasting your money in the hands of amateur individuals disguised as professionals.

Scheduled Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring that an appliance lasts a long time. If you want to make the most out of your installation, make sure to get your solar water heaters serviced every 3 to 5 years. And for that, you shouldn’t have to look anywhere else. Your solar hot water installers should be the ones providing you with scheduled maintenance. Since they are experts in all kinds of hot water systems, they can easily service the water heaters they’ve installed for your home.


Even with professional installation and regular maintenance, time will still leave its wear and tear on your solar hot water system. If you notice any of the following signs, then it’s time to call your solar water heating services and get your system fixed before the damage worsens:

  • Your system’s heating capacity is compromised
  • Your heating tank is leaking
  • Smelly or rusty water is coming out from your hot water taps
  • Weird noises are coming from your heating tank
  • There is fluctuations in water temperature


On average, a solar hot water system lasts for up to 20 years, which is much longer than a gas or electric hot water system. An ideal solar hot water system service should be able to identify when it is time to replace your old hot water system. That way, they can save you from wasting your money on costly repairs when the system is clearly showing that it needs replacement.

Solar Water Heating System Installation in Ipswich

If your household depends on hot water on a daily basis, yet your increasing energy bills are a major concern, it’s about time you invested in a solar hot water heater and put yourself at ease.

Ipswich Hot Water is a reliable name in solar hot water system service in Ipswich, Lockyer Valley and West Brisbane, known for superior-quality installation and repairs services for all popular brands and makes of hot water systems in Australia.

Planning to upgrade to a solar hot water system?

Talk to our local hot water specialists today.

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How Long Do Hot Water Systems Last?


Hot water is a blessing we all take for granted. From showers to laundry and cleaning dishes, hot water is always at our disposal… unless there’s a problem with your hot water system and you get a freezing cold shower instead. That’s the last thing you need after a long day at work or a strenuous workout at the gym.

To avoid such problems, always keep your hot water systems well maintained. It’s the key to extending its longevity and efficiency. A good quality hot water system can last you from 7 to 20 years, depending on its type, building materials, and usage. There are two main types of hot water systems. They are:

Storage based hot water systems

Storage hot water systems use a tank to store hot water. The tank can be glass-lined, copper or steel. The lifespan of a hot water storage tank for your home depends on the material of your tank.

  • Copper or glass-lined tanks – 7 to 10 years
  • Stainless steel tanks – 12 to 15 years
  • Heat pumps – 10 to 15 years

Continuous flow hot water systems

Continuous flow or instant hot water systems are tankless and use gas or electricity to heat the water. It can last you up to 25 to 20 years.

What factors affect a hot water system’s life span?

If you want to get maximum value out of your hot water system, there are several things you should keep in mind before investing in one. They include:


Your hot water usage and requirement is the primary factor when choosing a water heater. Do you have a large family that needs hot water 24/7? Then you’re better off investing in a continuous flow hot water system that will give you a constant supply of hot water. Or you could get a stainless steel tank for your electric storage hot water system, as it lasts longer and has better insulation.


The better the quality hot water system, the longer it lasts. Don’t compromise on the quality because of the high price. High-grade water heaters are high performance, saving you money on water bills and repair costs.


All water heaters, electric, gas or solar, have at least a minimum of 5 to 10 years warranties. They go a long way with helping you with the cost of replacements of parts. Always consider the warranty duration before investing in a hot water system for your property. The longer the terms of your warranty, the more secure your system will be.

You should also:

  • Get the sediment buildup flushed regularly by a professional
  • Regularly check your pressure relief valve if you have tank hot water system
  • Replace your anode rod every 3 to 5 years as it is prone to corrosion
  • Keep a lookout for leaks in your tank and pipes and replace any fittings that have rusted immediately

Lastly, call in a hot water specialist if you hear gurgling and popping sound from your water tank, discoloured water or have an increase in water bills. These signs are an indication of a fault with your hot water system. Don’t try to do the repairs and replacements yourself as it can cause further damage. Furthermore, tinkering with gas heaters can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Always hire a certified professional who has the experience and knowledge to repair all types of water heating systems.

Ipswich Hot Water are your local hot water specialists. We offer reliable installation, repair and maintenance services for all your hot water and plumbing needs in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Give us a call if you have any problems with your hot water systems or are looking to buy a new one today.

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The Benefits Of A Tankless Gas Hot Water System In Brisbane


When you need to understand gas hot weather systems in your Brisbane property, you need to access professionals with knowledge and experience to make the best decisions. Currently, tankless continuous flow-through heaters tend to be the most popular options installed, however, these are not the only models available.

With a range of choices to suit your needs and the scale of your building, these tankless systems can be designed for small families or larger businesses. This is mostly due to the fact that they do not have a limited supply like a tank would, but rather heat the water from the tap. Read on to find out more about the benefits of opting for these systems.

Simplified Understanding

A tankless gas water heater works when you open the hot water tap, activating a sensor when the flow starts in the pipes. When this sensor is triggered, the system fires the burner and in turn, allows the what exchange to actively warm up the water in good time. This allows for a continuous flow without the dependency on storage.

A tanked system on the other hand is best suited for some settings and works by heating water and storing it in a tank until needed. Water is drawn from the top of the tank and replaced with cold water at the bottom, the most effective way to utilise temperature and material properties to actively allow for optimum flow into the system. When the tank temperature drops below the thermostat set-point, the heater works by activating the burner and letting it run until the temperature is back at the predetermined point.

Tankless, Instant, Or Instantaneous?  

An important thing to understand, which can confuse many prospective buyers, is the difference between tankless, instant and instantaneous. These are all basically the same system in play with a number of names. People use all four terms to describe this type of instantaneous gas hot water system, as all of these terms are very descriptive of this popular style of the flow-through hot water heater. All of these facilitate the smooth and effective heating of the flow of water.

Gas hot water systems in Brisbane can be an ideal investment for your home or property. With efficient heating in place, you can have an impactful design that does not rely on a tank in order to store water. Instead, you can enjoy an endless supply of warm flow. Contact our professional team to find out more about these systems.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Gas Hot Water System In Brisbane

Gas Hot Water System

Making use of a hot water system that runs on gas can offer a range of benefits to your property in Brisbane. From cost to efficiency, there are  multitude of ways in which you can use these designs to better your day to day life. Heating these elements for your home is a process that uses an energy source to ensure a preset temperature is achieved when you need to use the resource. In the case of non-electric installation, the energy source is a furnace fuelled by a natural resource or propane. The job of a tank heater is not only to increase the overall temperature of the fluid, but also to store it until it’s ready to be used. The plumbing supply routes the cold pipe to the bottom of the tank through a dip tube. Meanwhile, a delivery pipe takes the heated end result from the top of the tank and disperses it through the relevant plumbing system. Read on to see what advantages this system can offer you.

Fast Heating

As opposed to electric cylinders, these installations work twice as fast. They recover much more quickly than electric models, which means your supply is easily replenished once it has been used. So if you have a larger household or high demand for this resource in your home, these are the range offering better options for you.

Lower Energy Costs

When considering the natural fuel used for these units, it is far more economical to run throughout the day than their electrical counterparts.  These are more affordable to operate since natural elements and propane are significantly cheaper than electricity, however they can cost more upfront to install in some cases. Given the cost of operating you will see the cost saving inside of a year.

Cleaner Results 

Tankless heaters like these can boil and heats freshly piped water. An ordinary heater the fluid is stored in a tank, which can rust and collect hard mineral deposits. When the tank becomes old, the quality of the resource declines. With the tankless units you can ensure a far cleaner liquid as a result. Offering far more longevity in the plumbing and hygiene levels.

Reliable installations and repairs of gas hot water systems in Brisbane allows you a number of benefits. From cost saving to maintenance, enjoy the advantages of having these easy to use designs in your home. Contact us right away to find out more about these home installations and repairs!