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Your Local Hot Water Specialists For All Makes And Models Of Hot Water Heaters

We supply and install hot water systems from leading brands like Rinnai and Thermann, giving you a wide array of selections for all types of water heaters. Our Newtown plumbers are licensed and experienced, offering a complete package for all your hot water needs, from installation to repair and maintenance.

We work with you to identify your requirements and guide you with expert recommendations and advice for a system that fits your budget and space – for year-round convenience and functionality.
With professional installation and scheduled servicing and timely repairs and replacements to extend the life of your hot water system.

And same-day services*, free quotes and consultations for a hassle-free customer experience.

Professional residential and commercial hot water services in Newtown.

Newtown Hot Water Solutions

In need of a new hot water system installation or replacement? Look no further.

We install a wide range of water heaters, from gas to solar and everything in between. Our capable plumbers guide you by outlining the pros and cons of each type of system, accessing your space and hot water needs. And provide energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions for optimum and long-term usage.

Newtown Storage Water Heaters

The storage water heater comes with a tank where water is heated and stored for usage. It uses electricity to warm the water and has temperature controls to adjust the temperature according to usage.

Storage Water Heaters Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

We install both gas and electric storage heaters, identifying the most strategic location for maximum functionality. Whether you need wall mounting for small storage heaters or indoor or outdoor installation, we provide quick service that ensures the heater is up and running in no time at all.

Our maintenance includes tank cleaning, anode replacement every 2 years and TPR valve every 5 with routine servicing. The service involves anode and thermostat inspection, water pressure, pipe joint and TPR valve testing. For gas heaters, all components are examined for safe supply.

Newtown Continuous Flow Heaters

Get hot water on demand with instantaneous flow water heating systems. They work without tanks, saving space and providing a continuous flow of water when needed. The electric instant water system uses a heating element, and the gas uses a burner, applying heat directly to water pipes when a tap is turned on.

Continuous Flow Heaters Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

We can help you select the best instant hot water system for your home or business. With different flow rates and capacities, these energy-efficient systems are easy to use and can be installed indoors or outdoors with wall and ceiling mounting.

Depending on the water quality, continuous flow systems must be serviced at least once a year. We inspect the heat exchangers, remove lime buildup and flush the unit with solutions to clean it. Outdoor units require regular cleaning to prevent rusting of casing and flue. Our plumbers sand and apply metal primer to remove the rusted area and protect it. We also stock spare parts and components for replacement if there’s extensive rust that can’t be cleaned.

Newtown Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

The most eco-friendly choice for heating water, heat pumps use the surrounding air to heat water in storage tanks. They save up to 80% on energy costs and do not require solar panels on roofs.

Heat Pump Installation, Maintenance and Repair

We install both air and ground source heat pumps. Air source pumps only need a small space, indoor or outdoor, with no digging required. Whereas ground energy pumps need to be laid underground and connected to pipes.

We offer regular servicing and repair that involves a complete inspection and cleaning of the blower, refrigerant levels, indoor coils and connections. The air ducts and surrounding area near the pumps are also cleared of debris and dirt. You can count faultless service for perfectly functioning heat pumps that will last for years.

Newtown Solar Water Heaters

We design and install solar and PV water heaters for maximum energy saving and a system compatible with your property and needs. With reliable maintenance and repair for long-term usage.

Solar Hot Water Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Choose from flat-plate solar panel or evacuated-tube collector systems for thermal hot water and smaller properties, or PV panel systems for larger ones. From accessing your space to pipe, panels, pump and roof tank installation, we give you a complete service that’s affordable and faultless.

Our maintenance and repair service includes panel and tank cleaning with part replacement and upgrades if required.

Are you ready to get your new solar water heater?

Emergency Plumber Newtown

No need to stress. Our hot water plumbers are at your service.

Whether your hot water is making strange noises or having trouble with temperature controls, our local emergency plumbers will have it fixed promptly. Equipped with a fully stocked van with spare parts and the tools of our trade, we’ll be at your location within the hour. And have your hot water back for your early shower or weekend laundry.

We also stock temporary water heaters if more time is needed for repairs because of part unavailability or longer repair times.

The best plumbers in Newtown for hot water installation and repair.

Don’t hesitate to call us for an obligation-free quote today.

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