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Storage water heaters are an integral part of homes and businesses today. Storage water heaters are a great option in both residential and commercial settings.

Whilst it looks a simple unit, its construction is complex and hardworking. It is important to maintain the storage water heater by scheduling maintenance. This can vary depending on the type of premises the storage heater is supplying water to. 

Storage Water Heater Care

From day one, your storage water heater needs to be in the right location. It also needs to have its thermostat set at an appropriate temperature for its use. 

Did you know regular maintenance is mandatory? Depending on the product, the manufacturer’s recommendation and the usage, ‘regular’ can mean every two months or every 2 years.

The Maintenance Appointment

Your plumber will inspect the pipe joints for strengths and weaknesses. If there is gas involved, all the supply parts and the heater parts should be checked. The water pressure will be checked at various points, and the sound the pipes make will be listened to as well. 

Another helpful step is to drain the storage water heater completely every two months as this allows for the removal of sediments that have accumulated within the tank.

Very importantly, the sacrificial anode rod must be replaced every two years or, at the very least, inspected. If this is not done, then the minerals that the anode attracts will look for another partner, and that would be your tank. Corrosion then starts, and it can’t be reversed. An anode is not an expensive part, but its omission causes expensive damage.

Some issues a water heater can be minimal such as a simple task of resetting it or adjusting a temperature.

Larger tasks would be the other top priority, the TPR valve. This must be inspected regularly and should be replaced every 5 years. If the valve fails, it results in what people call a “burst geyser” which results in damage to your interior. Rather be safe than sorry.

Do not attempt to do replacements of parts yourself as there is a combination of scalding water, steam and electricity or gas – it is very dangerous.

Support the lifespan of your storage water heater by booking in a regular service.

We have a wide range of storage hot water heaters available to suit all properties and budgets.

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