Possible Causes and Remedies for Discolouration from your Hot Water System


One of the most staggering human achievements of all time is having clean, hot water on demand. We’ve become accustomed to expecting clean water from our taps whenever we turn them on. When we receive discoloured water though, we know something is wrong, and you need to hire plumbing services in Brisbane. We’ll go over a few common reasons and solutions for discoloured water from your hot water system.

Discoloured Hot Water: Causes and Solutions

It can be unsettling to switch on the hot water in your house and find discoloured water pouring out. That said, this issue isn’t going to uproot your life completely. While discoloured water from your hot water system isn’t ideal, it’s no cause for alarm. As it turns out, there are many typical causes for this problem, most of which are pretty safe, albeit inconvenient. Let’s take a look at some of the most typical plumbing issues that cause discolouration in your hot water supply.

1) Contaminant Accumulation — Contaminant buildup is the most common cause of discoloured hot water in your house or business. Minerals and sediment can build up inside your water heater tank over time. Contaminants stick to pipes when things settle at the bottom of your tank, discolouring the hot water sent to the remainder of your house. As a result, not only will your water change colour, but it will also call into question the efficacy of the entire system.

Solution: Consider having your water heater flushed by a plumber. You’ll need to empty your tank, wash the system, and then reinstall the unit.

2) Rusty Pipes – In the same way that materials can adhere to the inside of your water heater, rust can attach to your network of pipes. Corrosion and rust on pipework can cause discoloured hot water. Furthermore, they will degrade with time, just like your pipes. While most current piping solutions are built to endure an extended period, older homes may not have the same level of plumbing quality.

Solution: If your old pipes have rusted and are showing signs of corrosion, have them replaced.

Ipswich Hot Water Solutions

Ipswich Hot Water has a team of experts who can assist you with hot water solutions. In addition, our plumbing services in Brisbane have been helping customers make the most of their plumbing and hot water systems. So give us a call right now to cure all of your hot water issues!

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