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Servicing Your Heat Pump

A heat pump is an excellent eco-friendly choice! Whether you require a service, or are looking at a new heat pump installation, we are your heat pump specialists. There is a heat pump solution for all buildings!

What Is A Heat Pump?

A heat pump converts environmental energy from the air, water or underground into heating energy for heating rooms, constant hot water, and cooling rooms. 

The underground or outdoor thermal energy source goes via a heat exchanger/evaporator to a refrigerant. The compressor and refrigerant heat it and it passes over another heat exchanger/condenser to ultimately heat your room or water.

Air Energy Source

Solar heated air is everywhere, and a heat pump can still extract energy from the outdoor air in winter when temperatures are as low as -20°C! Air source heat pumps are very easy to install and cause hardly any disruption to your home, office or cafe. No digging or drilling and your interior is warmed in a jiffy. 

Ground Energy Source

Geothermal heat pumps are connected to pipes, laid underground, which contain an eco-friendly brine. This liquid absorbs heat and moves it to the heat pump’s evaporator. 

There are two different installation methods. Pipes can either be in deep boreholes or be in shallow, horizontal positions. The vertical boreholes solution does not take up a lot of space but is drilled to 100m deep.

The horizontal thermal collectors need about two to three times square meterage as the area you’re heating.

A very large yard will supply almost inexhaustible energy from the ground and, brilliantly, are virtually maintenance-free.

Water Energy Source

Groundwater in Australia holds temperatures around +7 °C to +12 °C. A heat pump can therefore deliver quite consistent performance in all seasons. Large aquifers aren’t always available, but it’s still worth checking if it’s an option. Note: a borehole/well will need to be drilled on your property. 

Indoor Vs Outdoor Pumps

Air source heat pumps are installed either inside or outside. Outdoor is the cheaper, more popular option. Highly built-up residential areas prefer indoor installations because: 

For installations, replacements, repairs and maintenance on your heat pumps, we’re your guys.

Contact Ipswitch Hot Water today for top heat pump service. We will also talk to you about maximising the benefits from your heat pump after installation. Our qualified team supplies quality equipment, quality labour, warranties and insurance. 

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