Hot Water System: Solar Vs Gas or Electric


Are you wanting to restore or upgrade your existing hot water system but aren’t sure which system is right for you? A quarter of the average Australian household bill is spent on hot water systems. Given that this is one of the most costly appliances to operate in your home, you’ll want to be sure you acquire the most energy-efficient water heater your budget will allow. Continue reading to find out which hot water system is right for you.


A solar hot water system is made up of solar panels and a hot water storage tank. Thermosiphon systems can be divided into roof-mounted solar panels and storage tanks, and pumped or split systems. To allow for additional storage on days with less sunlight, you’d need a somewhat larger tank with Gas and Electric HWS. If you need it, most tanks come with a gas or electric booster. In addition, flat solar panels or evacuated tubes can be used. The evacuated tubes are much more functional and take up less space, but they are more expensive upfront.

Gas and Electric Hot Water Systems 

Hot Water Storage Systems

The most popular hot water system found in Australian households is a storage hot water system, which is also the cheapest to buy. Heating the water in the tank and storing it is how storage hot water systems work. They can be kept in laundry rooms, cupboards, beneath the stairs, or even outside.

Depending on the fuel available in your location, storage hot water systems are available in gas or electric. That will be determined according to whatever option is best for you. You can always use LPG gas if natural gas isn’t available in your location.

When it comes to water heating, gas is more efficient than electricity. Gas is not only less expensive, but it also heats water faster than electricity. The gas heat is instant, comparable to that of a gas stove, while the electric storage system takes time to achieve the desired temperature, similar to a kettle. Storage hot water systems are the most popular form of a hot water system in Australia because they are simple to install, provide instantaneous hot water from the tap, and require little maintenance.

Enjoy the benefits of having these convenient to use appliances in your house, from cost savings to maintenance. For a gas hot water system, contact Ipswich Hot Water today!

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