How Does An Emergency Hot Water Repair Service Save Your Failing Water Heater?


Depending on their type, hot water systems usually last for about 8-12 years. But during this time, regular usage and lack of maintenance can result in a sudden, premature water heater failure. This can cause major trouble for anyone who uses hot water for routine tasks such as laundry, dishes, showering and various other household chores. While some people will opt for a hot water system repair right away, others may delay it – not realising that this will only worsen the situation at hand.

Whenever your hot water system shows any signs of trouble, calling a trusted emergency hot water repair service should be the first thing to do. It is important to recognise the early indicators of a faulty hot water system so you can rush for immediate professional assistance.

Here are some of the early signs:

When You Have Rusty Water

Ever experienced rusty water coming out from your hot water tap?
Discoloured water is a sign of rust or corrosion in your heating tank or anode rod. If the issue is caught in its early phases, a professional hot water plumber can easily fix it. However, if neglected for a long time, the rust will start to spread inside the water tank and cause cracks and leaks. Unfortunately, once the problem reaches this stage, it cannot be fixed and your only option is to go for an emergency hot water replacement. To avoid this expense, you need to keep an eye on the early signs of rust and get a professional hot water plumber to fix the problem ASAP.

When You Face Trouble Adjusting the Water Temperature

Hot water systems come with a temperature adjustment feature that allows you to set your preferred water temperature. While water heater technicians recommend setting the temperature at 120 degrees, you can even increase it to 140-150 degrees if you prefer warmer showers. If you notice the temperature is not changing when you try to adjust it, this might be due to a broken thermostat.

Most emergency hot water repair experts have common spare parts available in their plumbing vans. They can quickly replace the thermostat so you can set your desired water temperature and get back to enjoying a warm shower.

When There is No Hot Water

In a gas hot water system, the absence of hot water might be due to a malfunctioning gas valve. In electric water heaters, no hot water mostly indicates that the heating element in the heating tank is damaged or broken.

If you are someone who cannot stand cold water, call your nearest hot water heater plumbers so they can replace the faulty components and get your hot water system up and running again.

When You Hear Strange Noises from the Heating Tank

Knocking or rumbling noise from your hot water system is usually due to sediment buildup in the heating tank. Not only does this reduce the heating efficiency of your water heater, but it can also cause leaks in your system.

To avoid this inconvenience, make sure to have your heating tank flushed by a certified hot water plumber at least once every year. If the problem persists even after the annual service, chances are that your system is near to completing its lifespan and needs replacement. Our hot water installers can replace your water heater with a new hot water system, so the problem is sorted once and for all.

Hot Water System Repairs Near You

If you are dealing with a troubled hot water system in your home or commercial property, give Ipswich Hot Water a call and our team of emergency plumbers will be right there at your doorstep in no time. Apart from hot water repair services, we also provide installation and maintenance for all makes and models of water heaters, for residential and commercial properties in Ipswich, Lockyer Valley and West Brisbane.

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