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A quick conversation with one of our experts can easily determine which option is right for your premises, whether it be repairs, a quick service, or a completely new system. Our qualified team can generally get to the cause of the issue with a simple phone call. We can then give educated options and pricing on a suitable fix, repair, or Replacement.

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We offer a wide range of products to suit any of your hot water needs. Ipswich Hot Water offers free same day delivery on stocked items to Ipswich and surrounds.

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Why A Professional

Your Local Hot water specialist

When dealing with hot water system installations, repairs and the surrounding hot water plumbing, a trusted service provider can ensure the job gets done right the first time. You can avoid unnecessary injury, damage and cost by enlisting a skilled tradesman. When dealing with temperature control, there are many important elements that must be installed correctly, as well as maintained to ensure optimum functionality at all times.

Whether installing a gas, electric, solar or heat pump solution, multiple components or one central operating unit, there are a number of important aspects that are best handled by a trained professional.

Ipswich Hot Water

Your Local Hot water specialist
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Ipswich Hot Water Online Store

Check out our online store. Ipswich Hot Water offers free same day delivery on stocked items to Ipswich and surrounds.


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Not sure which system suits you best? See Ipswich Hot Water's buying guide to make the decision making a little easier.

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Your local hot water specialist

Ipswich Hot Water is your local family owned and operated hot water specialist. We offer a wide range of products to suit any of your hot water needs. Whether you are a domestic or commercial client, we will help you choose the best electric, gas, solar or heat pump solution for your property. 

We offer free quotes and competitive pricing. Whether you are needing hot water system repair or hot water system installations or are just after some advice, give us a call and one of our friendly tradesmen will get you back up and running in no time.

Same day service guaranteed hot water*

Need hot water now? Look no further. Ipswich Hot Water has got you covered. Our emergency plumbers carry temporary hot water systems. These can be quickly and easily connected to get you out of trouble until your hot water system services can be repaired or replaced. *conditions apply

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Hot Water System Services

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Whether you are a residential or commercial client, we understand that hot water plumbing is a sensitive issue. We know that no one wants hot water issues or lack of water altogether, so we aim to do the best job possible and reduce the hassle in your daily life.

When you are dealing with trusted professionals like us, you can rest easy knowing the problem is being handled in the most effective and time sensitive way. With decades of experience and a working knowledge of the Hot water systems installed all over Queensland, this is a team that can take on the job and get it done properly the first time.

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This guide will give you expert DIY tips and a yearly plan to ensure your system lives a long life.

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