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Your Local Electric Hot Water Specialists

Looking for a new electric hot water heater for your home or business? Our hot water experts have you covered. 

We supply and install a wide range of electric hot water systems in Brisbane, sourced from trusted Australian wholesalers.

Our reliable hot water plumbers provide honest advice and transparent service, from electric hot water system installation and replacements to repairs and maintenance. When it comes to hot water heaters, we understand that energy efficiency and performance are your main concerns. That’s why we provide custom solutions to meet all of your hot water needs within your budget.

Browse our range of storage and instant electric hot water systems in Brisbane or call our customer support team for more information. We’re always available to answer your queries and clarify your concerns in any way we can.

Why Choose Electric Hot Water Systems Ipswich

We specialise in both storage and instant electric water heaters. Electric storage hot water systems keep water heated in an insulated tank ready to be used. Instant electric water hearts supply hot water on demand when a tap or faucet is turned on. Both operate with a heating element to bring the water to the desired temperature. 

Storage electric hot water heaters have a lifespan of 8 to 10 years, and instant flow systems can last up to 15 years or more with proper maintenance. Compared to gas water heaters, electric systems are cheaper, simpler and safer, with no risk of gas leaks. They also require lower maintenance than gas systems, such as tank cleaning and regular inspection of anode rods and heating elements for efficient performance.

If you live in an area with no gas connection, an electric water heater may be the perfect choice for you. Affordable and easy to install, the latest models can be run during off-peak hours to heat water and save electricity.

Rinnai electric install
Rinnai electric install

Electric Hot Water System Installation Brisbane

Electric hot water systems come in a variety of sizes, making them an ideal choice for studio apartment space constraints, larger office spaces, and everything in between. Choose from single to multiple units for separate locations for higher efficiency, and outdoor and indoor models suited to your space and preference. 

Whichever electric hot water system you choose, we’ll have it installed quickly and efficiently. Our hot water specialists will identify the most strategic locations for a clean and faultless installation. From indoor wall mounting to outdoor tank and heater installation and plumbing connections, we offer same day set up for all new electric water heaters.

Electric Hot Water System Repair and Maintenance

Do you need reliable hot water plumbers for your electric hot water system repairs or routine servicing?

We’re familiar with all makes and models of electric water heaters. Our strong relationships with leading hot water suppliers ensure that we have a large inventory on hand for immediate repairs and component replacement.

Our electric hot water system repair and maintenance services include:

You can count on us to provide a speedy service, whether there’s a faulty component, slow water pressure, or other performance issues. Our staff maintain high safety standards, working with due diligence and meticulous attention to detail for a faultless service.

Reliable Hot Water Solutions For You

Our professional electric hot water services can save you time and money. We offer a complete range of hot water solutions, from gas and electric to solar and hot water heat pumps. Our specialists work with you, keeping your hot water requirements as a top priority so you can make informed decisions throughout the process.

We want you to get maximum value for money by investing in a hot water system that provides optimum functionality and energy savings.

Call Ipswich Hot Water for Premium Electric Hot Water Services Today.

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