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Rinnai Hot Water System: Troubleshooting Guide

Is there no hot water coming out of your Rinnai hot water system, or are you struggling with terrible water pressure? Follow the troubleshooting techniques below to resolve the issues before scheduling a service call.

Low Hot Water Pressure

Inspect the cold and hot water taps. Is there a problem with the pressure in all of the fixtures or just one? For example, clogged pipes, a leaking hot water system, a damaged pressure regulator, or sediment accumulation in the water heater can all cause low hot water pressure. Don’t put up with hot water issues any longer; give us a call today, and we’ll get it fixed in no time so you can enjoy scalding hot showers once more!

It’s Either Too Hot or Too Cold In The Water

A defective thermostat, heating element, or tempering valve could cause excessively hot or cold water. We can inspect the unit and determine the source of the problem, allowing us to resolve it swiftly.

Is it Possible That You’re Using Too Much Hot Water?

Showering or using a lot of water in appliances might deplete the hot water supply. To reduce the pressure on your hot water system, review your water usage and consider taking shorter showers. If the situation persists, you should think about replacing your water heater.

Pooling Water Around The Hot Water Unit

A leaky cylinder could be the cause of a massive amount of water around the water heater. Please turn off the gas or power, as well as the water heater, and contact us for help.

Signs That Your Hot Water System Is In Need Of Repair

  • Your hot water has turned brown.
  • Your water heater makes popping, gurgling, or bubbling noises.
  • The pilot light has gone out.
  • It’s either too hot or too cold in the water.
  • If your Rinnai unit is beeping, there could be a cylinder leak that has to be fixed right away.
  • You’re constantly running out of hot water.
  • There is a lack of hot water pressure in your home.

Rinnai’s Local Hot Water Experts

Our team can handle any installation, repair, or maintenance needs you may have, thanks to their extensive experience. Furthermore, our team has the knowledge and expertise to work on a wide range of designs, and we can help our clients find the most precise solutions for their specific needs at work or home.

Give us a call if you have any queries about the Rinnai hot water heater or require repair services.

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Hot Water System: Solar Vs Gas or Electric

Are you wanting to restore or upgrade your existing hot water system but aren’t sure which system is right for you? A quarter of the average Australian household bill is spent on hot water systems. Given that this is one of the most costly appliances to operate in your home, you’ll want to be sure you acquire the most energy-efficient water heater your budget will allow. Continue reading to find out which hot water system is right for you.


A solar hot water system is made up of solar panels and a hot water storage tank. Thermosiphon systems can be divided into roof-mounted solar panels and storage tanks, and pumped or split systems. To allow for additional storage on days with less sunlight, you’d need a somewhat larger tank with Gas and Electric HWS. If you need it, most tanks come with a gas or electric booster. In addition, flat solar panels or evacuated tubes can be used. The evacuated tubes are much more functional and take up less space, but they are more expensive upfront.

Gas and Electric Hot Water Systems 

Hot Water Storage Systems

The most popular hot water system found in Australian households is a storage hot water system, which is also the cheapest to buy. Heating the water in the tank and storing it is how storage hot water systems work. They can be kept in laundry rooms, cupboards, beneath the stairs, or even outside.

Depending on the fuel available in your location, storage hot water systems are available in gas or electric. That will be determined according to whatever option is best for you. You can always use LPG gas if natural gas isn’t available in your location.

When it comes to water heating, gas is more efficient than electricity. Gas is not only less expensive, but it also heats water faster than electricity. The gas heat is instant, comparable to that of a gas stove, while the electric storage system takes time to achieve the desired temperature, similar to a kettle. Storage hot water systems are the most popular form of a hot water system in Australia because they are simple to install, provide instantaneous hot water from the tap, and require little maintenance.

Enjoy the benefits of having these convenient to use appliances in your house, from cost savings to maintenance. For a gas hot water system, contact Ipswich Hot Water today!

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Possible Causes and Remedies for Discolouration from your Hot Water System

One of the most staggering human achievements of all time is having clean, hot water on demand. We’ve become accustomed to expecting clean water from our taps whenever we turn them on. When we receive discoloured water though, we know something is wrong, and you need to hire plumbing services in Brisbane. We’ll go over a few common reasons and solutions for discoloured water from your hot water system.

Discoloured Hot Water: Causes and Solutions

It can be unsettling to switch on the hot water in your house and find discoloured water pouring out. That said, this issue isn’t going to uproot your life completely. While discoloured water from your hot water system isn’t ideal, it’s no cause for alarm. As it turns out, there are many typical causes for this problem, most of which are pretty safe, albeit inconvenient. Let’s take a look at some of the most typical plumbing issues that cause discolouration in your hot water supply.

1) Contaminant Accumulation — Contaminant buildup is the most common cause of discoloured hot water in your house or business. Minerals and sediment can build up inside your water heater tank over time. Contaminants stick to pipes when things settle at the bottom of your tank, discolouring the hot water sent to the remainder of your house. As a result, not only will your water change colour, but it will also call into question the efficacy of the entire system.

Solution: Consider having your water heater flushed by a plumber. You’ll need to empty your tank, wash the system, and then reinstall the unit.

2) Rusty Pipes – In the same way that materials can adhere to the inside of your water heater, rust can attach to your network of pipes. Corrosion and rust on pipework can cause discoloured hot water. Furthermore, they will degrade with time, just like your pipes. While most current piping solutions are built to endure an extended period, older homes may not have the same level of plumbing quality.

Solution: If your old pipes have rusted and are showing signs of corrosion, have them replaced.

Ipswich Hot Water Solutions

Ipswich Hot Water has a team of experts who can assist you with hot water solutions. In addition, our plumbing services in Brisbane have been helping customers make the most of their plumbing and hot water systems. So give us a call right now to cure all of your hot water issues!

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Heat Pump Repair and Services in Brisbane

Heat pumps are machines that transport heat from one position to another using electricity or other energy sources. Unlike other heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, heat pumps do not always generate heat. Instead, their main goal is to transfer heat to maintain the temperatures in the pump without consuming excessive amounts of energy. Considering the value of heat pumps, it is important that they are cleaned and maintained regularly. After all, waiting until they show signs of failure before cleaning them can cost you a lot more than just washing and maintaining them frequently.

Heat Pump Cleaning and Maintenance

It would be best to clean a heat pump’s condenser coil repeatedly, as it is a vital part. Maximum heat transfer, economical energy consumption, good indoor comfort and air quality, and extended service life can all be achieved with clean condenser coils. When cleaning the condenser coils, make sure the heat pump is switched off completely. Remove any impediments from the area around the condenser as well. After disassembling the condenser coils, clean them using a condenser coil cleaner or a water and soap solution. If you notice any bent condenser fins, use a fin comb to straighten them out. Once it has been washed and dried, you must reinstall the top grille and heat pump cover. Apart from the condenser coils, you should clean the vents and change the system air filter after 1 to 2 months.

Heat Pump Repairs and Services

When you hire a professional to do routine checks, repairs, and preventative maintenance on your heat pump, you can expect to receive hot water heater service that will considerably enhance its condition. The overall examination of the heat pump would be one of the first services they would do. Leaks, damages, dust, and other flaws are checked on filters, ducts, blowers, cables, indoor coil, bearings, motors and other components. They will begin repairing the heat pump when they have analysed everything that is wrong with it.

Our technician will clean the drain pan and indoor coil, clean and flush the drain line to sealing any duct leaks, replace damaged wirings, repair refrigerant leaks, and seal lubricates motors and bearings. Finally, evaluate the belts, condition system discharge pressure, thermostat, and so much more.

These are just a few of the repairs and services you can expect when a professional inspects your heat pump. Don’t hesitate to contact Ipswich Hot Water today if your heat pump requires repairs or maintenance.

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Why You Need a Professional To Install Your Water Heater

Have you been contemplating installing a new water heater yourself in your home? It’s not an easy job. Installing a water heater on your own might look like the most affordable path. Regrettably, unless you are an expert, it is hazardous without specific education and training background. Furthermore, most water heaters are gas. Therefore, even trivial mistakes during installation can generate added costs, injury, property damage, voided warranties and even death.

Chance of Fire and Explosion

The majority of water heaters in Queensland’s utilise natural gas, which suggests you should burn flammable fuel to boil your water. Unfortunately, these fuels are highly volatile, so even one mishap during installation can produce a severe fire or even an eruption! Therefore, performing your installation at home is not worth putting your family’s lives in jeopardy. Let’s not discuss the resulting residential damage.

Product Information

Specialists have both education and experience: Certain properties will further guarantee a prompt and safe replacement of your tired unit plus a fast installation of your new system. Additionally, licensed plumbers have a detailed understanding of tooling, plumbing and system adaptability to have more minor issues with your heater.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Airing and ventilation are essential for gas water heater systems. If there isn’t adequate airflow, carbon monoxide accumulates. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a medical crisis. Moreover, individuals exposed to unusual levels of carbon monoxide are at risk of perpetual brain damage and can die. Carbon monoxide is a scentless fume. If there were a hole, you wouldn’t discover it. Tiny mistakes can have harsh consequences when it comes to installing outputs that utilise natural gas heaters.

Peace of Mind

If you opt with an authorised plumber, you’re not just getting a job done well – you’re investing in your family’s peace of mind. It’s a relief to know that you won’t be faced with property damage, loss of health or life, or any issues if you decide to resell your house.

As authorised water heater installers and providers of solar hot water systems, all of our technicians are legally accredited to handle hot water installations, repairs, replacements and maintenance jobs. Contact Ipswich Hot Water today!

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Why You Should Go Tankless: Rinnai Hot Water System

Are you looking for a brand-new Rinnai hot water system? Please take a look at our extensive range of water heaters. At Ipswich Hot Water, we’re one of Brisbane and Ipswich’s leading plumbing and solar hot water installers. Discover everything you want to heat water in your home and get it delivered directly to your doorstep and installed straight away. Since your houses hot water unit isn’t as noticeable as your different machines, its significance surpasses them entirely. Changing to a tankless Rinnai hot water system enhances your home’s production and promotes your family’s lifestyle. It’s a wise decision to make.

Your Indispensable Appliance

A Rinnai Solar Hot Water System can help you save money on energy and minimise your carbon footprint. Close coupled, flat plate, and evacuated tube solar systems are all available from Rinnai at Ipswich Hot Water. Rinnai offers a gas booster as an optional extra to assure a constant supply of hot water, even after a period of cloudy days.

Endurance Meets Performance

Your Rinnai hot water system is your home’s most essential tool. Therefore, it should be a reputable one as well. The tankless Rinnai hot water systems are manufactured to support your whole household’s individual demands at a production incomparable to other appliances or conventional tanks.

Live Your Best Tankless Lifestyle

Your entire household deserves heated water where they require it when they want it and as long as needed. With a Rinnai tankless from Ipswich Hot Water, you won’t ever need to stress about running low on or using up hot water repeatedly, although various showers are running concurrently with the washing machine and dishwasher.

Peace of Mind & Efficiency

Apart from traditional tanks, Rinnai tankless water heaters only work when utilised, maintaining vital energy without reducing production or service. Since the industry’s most reliable guarantee backs them, you can place your worries away and appreciate that long, hot shower you so earn.

Clean, Compact Design

It’s time to wave goodbye to that ticking time bomb lurking in your crawlspace or basement. Rinnai tankless water heaters flaunt an elegant, clean design. And since they’re roughly the size of a carry-on bag, they can easily be installed in central areas like closets and even outside.

Upgrade your home’s production and advance your family’s style of living. Begin experiencing the tankless life.

If you are contemplating investing in a Rinnai water heater, contact the professional installers to get the task done correctly. With specialist advice and expertise, you can relax. Contact us today to find out more!

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Repairs and replacement of Hot Water Parts: The Value of Hiring a Professional

The invention of plumbing was one of the most significant in human history. We now have hot water on demand, working indoor toilets, and more thanks to the advancement of modern plumbing. Unfortunately, our plumbing systems might develop problems that we are unable to resolve on our own. When a hot water system malfunctions, you may expect all of the contemporary water conveniences to vanish! When it comes time for your solar hot water replacement parts, you won’t want to do it yourself. Read further to find out what a professional inspection entails.

Hire a Professional to Repair Your Hot Water System 

Hot water systems control many aspects of your quality of life. You’ll be able to receive hot water on demand if your hot water system is working efficiently. However, if the hot water system parts start to malfunction, you could jeopardise the entire system. You’ll need the assistance of a certified specialist to address any potential issues. Ipswich Hot Water can provide you with many significant advantages for managing your hot water system repair needs.

1) Full Inspection – If you suspect that something is amiss with your hot water system or its internal components, you should have a full inspection performed. Our team of expert technicians at Ipswich Hot Water can analyse and examine your system for leaks. They will examine every aspect of your system, from electrical testing to thermostat and anode rod inspection.

2) Quick Repairs – Why is it that hiring a professional is preferable to doing it yourself? For starters, when a competent technician detects a problem, they will know how to resolve it. For example, we don’t make you live with a broken hot water system at Ipswich Hot Water. Our technicians can locate the parts you require when you need them.

3) Preventative Maintenance – Finally, you can rest assured that we will resolve the problem when our service specialists replace your hot water system parts. Additionally, your next repair call will assist you in diagnosing potential future concerns. Being able to anticipate difficulties can help you avoid them altogether.

Ipswich Hot Water is here to help. Whether you require hot water repairs, maintenance, or installation, your local hot water specialist will provide you with high-grade professional plumbing services. Contact Ipswich Hot Water today. We’ll be pleased to get your system up and running again.

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Why You Should Hire a Local Plumber

Dripping taps, broken toilets and burst pipes – the list of plumbing dilemmas homeowners can deal with is unending. While some of us prefer to think we’re professionals at home repairs and home design, a few things are best left to the experts. Plumbing happens to be one of them.

Access to Emergency Services

When you hire a plumber directly to your doorstep, your business is provided with many benefits. When hiring a local emergency plumber, availability is a crucial factor. You can’t precisely know when you will require a plumbing emergency, which is why convenience is essential. During emergencies, you want a plumber that provides 24-hour emergency services. Rate the response period the plumber proposes to you in emergencies. Delays will occur in more critical damages.

Local People Will Be Able to Recommend Their Services

Finding a reliable plumber isn’t always an easy task. However, if you hire a local company, you can be confident of their dependability since there will be many benefits regarding their work and references from local businesses and people. Searching for a plumber will be a breeze if they are local. Furthermore, if they are a popular business, you will be able to meet at their offices to address matters if required.

You Will Get a Cheaper Service

One of the problems when using an out-of-town plumbing service is that you will be more inclined to pay additional payments for call outs. If plumbers are situated nearby from your business, you will discover a more cost-effective solution for your home or business.

You Will Be Able to Form a Better Relationship with Your Plumber

Establishing a solid rapport with your plumber might not seem necessary. Cultivating great connections is one of the significant aspects in managing a successful business, and despite using the same step with your plumber could see your business get more clients. It’s not going to be as easy to form a good relationship with an out-of-town plumber, which is why hiring a local one could be the better option.

If you have access to skills and expertise, you can guarantee that you get high-quality work that will let you have peace of mind. Be sure to contact the team that is trusted by the community. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our local plumber services for your home.

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Tips For Choosing The Right Plumber

For the most part, plumbing issues catch us off guard, and they can range from clearing a clog to your water heater malfunctioning. The last thing you need to do is sit around idly searching for a new plumber for any plumbing problem. That is significantly more necessary during an emergency since each second could be valuable, and the quality of work is vital. Knowing what to look out for will help you settle on a quick decision and ensure the task gets done right the first time. 

Look For The License 

The primary things you ought to consider before hiring plumbing services are certified, licensed and insured by their state. That is likely the essential rule for getting a plumber, essentially. Guarantee that the plumbing business has legitimate accreditations and carries full insurance to guard you in the event of some disaster if they happen to get injured while working on a job at your house. 

Emergency Services 

While picking your plumber, it’s additionally vital that you comprehend their emergency plumbing service policy. For example, if a pipe happens to burst in your home or your hot water tank breaks, you need confirmation that they offer 24-hour emergency service.

Great Communication is Essential

It is never a good indication of customer service to connect with a business that doesn’t make you their top priority while they are on the phone with you. The equivalent applies to completing an online request form and getting a prompt response!

Timeliness and Cleanliness 

You are required to expect the company to treat you with friendliness and respect by keeping you informed with a time range for when their expert technician will arrive, and the specialist ought to show up when they tell you. A great indication of cleanliness is the clean, professional appearance of the technician and his tools when he goes to your home. 

Get Upfront Pricing

When you call for service, you should be given information about the initial cost of a visit. During that visit, you should provide a written quote that adequately addresses the issue. 

For honest service from local professionals, give us a call or fill out the online form. plumbing services

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What Is Solar Thermal Hot Water and How Does It Work?

Assume you own or want to own a solar water heating system. You’ve begun a long-term saving plan for both your budget and our beautiful planet. We can assist you in servicing that equipment or finding the proper heating solution for your needs! We handle various types of solar heating systems, but if you’re still undecided, here are some suggestions to get you started!

There are Two Main Viable Options

  • Solar thermal hot water system
  • Solar photovoltaics that has been diverted (PV)

What Is Solar Thermal Hot Water and How Does It Work?

To be clear, a solar thermal panel does not create energy; it just heats the water. It is a means of bringing water into direct contact with the sun’s heat. Flat-plate and evacuated-tube collectors are the two types of solar thermal panels available. Flat-plate solar thermal panels are three times thicker than photovoltaic panels and have a comparable appearance. Under a vacuum, heat pipes are encased by glass tubes in the most common type. The glass tube is made up of two glass walls separated by a heat-retaining vacuum.The heat pipe is pressurised as well, allowing for quick boiling at low temperatures. The heat is transported to a well-insulated storage tank by flowing around the top of the heat pipe.

Multiple parallel glass tubes make up evacuated-tube collector systems. The sunlight hits the tubes, causing a vacuum to form between the two pieces of glass (thus the term “evacuated”). A copper component is contained within the glass tubes and heats the water. This system performs well in foggy or chilly conditions and can heat water to extremely high temperatures. However, it is more costly than a Flat-Plate method.

What Is A Solar Hot Water System With A Diverted Photovoltaic (PV) System?

As a cost-effective method for heating water, this system employs standard photovoltaic (PV) solar panels with heat pumps. The availability of this option is determined by the type of building and your requirements.


  • Pipes all the way to the roof
  • A tank and pump on the ground or a tank on the roof.
  • Thermoelectric panels
  • Installation may necessitate the use of a crane.
  • For installation, you’ll need a licensed, insured plumber and electrician.

Why Choose Us?

Ipswich Hot Water is a prominent supplier of hot water solar systems and related services.

For solar water heating system maintenance, upgrades, or assistance in determining the optimum mix of alternatives for your household or workplace, contact us today!