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Continuous gas hot water systems in Brisbane are a traditional means of heating with more compact designs. Also known as tankless, instantaneous, or on-demand, these designs use gas hot water systems to warm up the components, and provide heated water where it’s needed. Available in a range of styles, there is a model to suit everyone’s heating needs. It can even be as small as wall-mounted unit that heats as you use it (great for office use), or full size for a home or business. This is a great option if you are looking for a controlled, eco-friendly and electricity saving solution. 

How It Works

These designs work by pushing cold water through copper piping, and applying heat directly to these pipes. When a hot tap is turned on, a flow sensor triggers and starts the heating. In a continuous flow Rinnai gas hot water system in Brisbane, it triggers a burner and in an electric system it triggers a heating element. The water is heated to the necessary temperature and then fed straight to your tap. When the tap is turned off, the unit shuts off too. As no water is stored, there is no heat loss from a tank or any need to keep a body of water at a consistent temperature. These units only operate when the hot tap is turned on, and provide continuous Rinnai hot water heater for as long as the tap is open.

Experienced Hands

With a wide reach of experience, our team can fully manage any installation, repair or maintenance needs you may have. Our team have the understanding and skills to work on a number of designs, and we can guide our clients to the best possible solutions for their specific needs at home or work. There are a number of options to browse below.

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