3 Common Heat Pump Installation Mistakes

3 Common Heat Pump Installation Mistakes

A heat pump is one of the most energy efficient water heating systems for your home, lowering your water heating costs by up to 70%. This pump absorbs heat from the environment and uses minimal electricity to cycle refrigerant through the system to heat the water. As such, this improves the efficiency and lowers water heating costs. 

In order to maintain such efficiency, heat pumps require proper installation, providing excellent heating without carbon emissions and high bills. Improper installation may cause issues that can compromise the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

It is important to hire qualified heat pump specialists to handle such installations to avoid future performance issues and repair costs. To learn more about how to avoid the common heat pump installation mistakes, read on.

1) Faulty Connections

One of the most common mistakes that heat pump installers make is incorrectly connecting the heat pump to the power supply and thermostat. If left untreated, this can trip circuit breakers and result in uneven temperatures or prevent the heat pump from working properly.

2) Oversized Heat Pumps

Issues prior installation, such as selecting the wrong size for your heat pump, can cause major issues down the track. It is important to install a heat pump according to your hot water requirements. If your system is oversized, it will consume more power than necessary, leading to higher electricity costs. In comparison, a smaller heat pump system may not meet your hot water needs, meaning hot water runs out during showers or other household washing chores.

3) Low Refrigerant

A common but serious error with heat pumps is not adding enough refrigerant. Refrigerant is a chemical compound that is used to transition matter between the states of liquid, solid, and gas. This process is known as heat exchange, enabling a heat pump to warm your home by moving heat from one set of coils in the heat pump to another. Insufficient amounts of refrigerant can impact the performance of your heat pump, as an optimal amount allows the pump to work normally. 

If you notice a decrease in your system’s heating performance, seek professional heat pump services right away.

Contact our experts at Ipswich Hot Water to ensure that your heat pump hot water system installation is completed correctly. You can rely on our team for efficient heat pump services for your property in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

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