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Ipswich Hot Water can take care of any of your Solar hot water needs. From Repairs, Service, Replacement, or just some friendly advice.

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Note: our business hours are Monday – Friday : 7am-5pm. Should your enquiry be received outside of these, we will be in touch on the next business day.

Whether you’re looking for Repairs, Service, Installation or Replacement, Trust your local industry experts to give you honest and helpful advice.

Solar, Gas, Electric or Heatpump Ipswich hot water is a one stop shop...


A quick conversation with one of our experts can easily determine which option is right for your premises, whether it be repairs, a quick service, or a completely new system. Our qualified team can generally get to the cause of the issue with a simple phone call. We can then give educated options and pricing on a suitable fix, repair, or Replacement.


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Your local, family owned hot water specialists.

Whether you live in Ipswich, West Brisbane and surrounds, we know how important hot water is for your everyday life. Whether you are a family, a business or an individual, our family business and dedicated team will take care of you!

When you choose to go with Ipswich Hot Water, you get the following:

  • A specialised team at your service
  • A Guaranteed  warranty on our installations and products
  • Clean and professional service
  • Great customer service
  • Availability for hot water emergencies

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Signs it's time for a new hot water system

Some early signs that it’s time to look at a new hot water system are water leaks in or around system, rust or bulging around tank casings, however take action if you notice any of these other symptoms. You don’t want to be caught out without hot water, or have your system break and cause water damage to your property! 
Look out for:

  • Low or changing water pressure and temperature
  • You run out of hot water quickly
  • Rusty sediment in your water
  • Back up boosters not functioning properly
  • Intermittent ongoing issues 

If you are noticing any of these signs, call us to discuss your options!

Avoid emergencies and don't get stuck without hot water!

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