Choosing The Right Rinnai Hot Water System for Your Home

Rinnai Hot Water System

Do not put off buying your hot water system until your old tank bursts out; instead, plan your purchase! Rinnai has three types of hot water units – continuous flow, hot water storage and solar Rinnai hot water. We have discussed a guide to help make this decision easier for you. It will help you understand the different types of hot water systems available  and how to pick the right Rinnai hot water system for your household.

Rinnai Continuous Hot Water Systems

Have you had the opportunity to appreciate the advantage of gas or electric continuous flow hot water heating? You likewise get some eco-warrior points for saving water, as you don’t waste water while trusting that heated water will arrive at the tap! Additionally, it can save you power due to utilizing gas or demand-only heating.

This system is known as an ‘infinity system’. Not paying to keep 180L to 250L of water hot, over and over, throughout the day makes so much sense! Saving your pocket and saving our planet is an incredibly alluring proposal.

Storage Tank Hot Water System

Most of the water heating methods – electric, gas, solar and heat pump use a storage tank. Though tanks are insulated, there is some heat loss over time. We strongly advise you to install them in enclosed spaces or sunny spots. Storage tanks built using mild steel can erode with time, so they require maintenance every few years to prevent this. From the moment you purchase your Rinnai hot water storage system, you need to place it in the correct location, and ensure the thermostat is set at an appropriate temperature.

Solar Rinnai Hot Water System

The Solar Hot Water panel is a method used from the sun’s energy to heat water. We offer two types of solar thermal hot water; Flat-plate and evacuated-tube collector.

The flat-plate thermal water panel looks very similar to photovoltaic panels but, it is three times the size. The second type is the evacuated-tube collector system. That panel is composed of multiple parallel glass tubes. The sun heats the pipe to create a vacuum between the two pieces of glass. The latter is more expensive and should only get utilized in colder areas.

The last thing you need is second-guessing your hot water. Call us for service of your Rinnai hot water systems, upgrading or helping you choose the best options for your home or business.

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