Benefits Of Using Alternatives To Solahart Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solahart hot water systems are versatile, but are not the only solution to your solar heating needs. There are a number of alternatives available that can provide excellent eco-friendly hot water to your property. Whether you choose a Solahart hot water system or one of our top quality alternatives, installing one of these technological designs in your home will help you save money and reduce your dependency on the grid. Read on to see the benefit of installing one of our trusted alternative options on your property.

Active Systems With Constant Supply

These designs come in two general forms. The first, being direct circulation, encompasses  systems that pump household water through collecting elements, before funneling it back to where it is needed. These systems make use of automatic controllers that sense when sunlight is available to be used. The second type is the indirect circulation system. This design takes on heating by pumping household water through a heat-transfer fluid that doesn’t freeze. Once complete it is then sent through collectors and an exchanger which ensures the transfer warms the liquid inside the collectors.

Passive Systems In Warm Climates

As we live in a warm climate, there are also two types of passive systems available to you. An integral collector-storage system is made up of a tank for storage, a solar collection unit, as well as pipes that carry the soon-to-be-heated liquid into the collector. This system suits a home that needs hot water heated in the day and evening.


Less space: Solar thermal panels usually require much less space than their common alternative products. Fewer are required for amenities like this, than in an array used to produce power for a home.

High efficiency: Consistent sun is a continuous source of energy to be used on a day to day basis. With the right configuration you can have a maximised output of energy.

Cost savings: The cost of two or three panels is cheaper than larger installations. Not to mention the obvious cut in costs to power bills in general.

Low maintenance: After installation, little maintenance is required, and a system can run for up to 20 years.

Lower carbon footprint: A home can be eco-friendly and ensure a far lower carbon footprint.

Solahart hot water systems may seem ideal, until you see the brilliant range available as a more effective and cost-reducing alternative selection. Harness natural energy for your home in the most effective ways. With a range of designs and models available, these are an investment in your property and family’s well-being. Contact us today to find out more about what options are available!

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