Why You Need a Professional To Install Your Water Heater


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Have you been contemplating installing a new water heater yourself in your home? It’s not an easy job. Installing a water heater on your own might look like the most affordable path. Regrettably, unless you are an expert, it is hazardous without specific education and training background. Furthermore, most water heaters are gas. Therefore, even trivial mistakes during installation can generate added costs, injury, property damage, voided warranties and even death.

Chance of Fire and Explosion

The majority of water heaters in Queensland’s utilise natural gas, which suggests you should burn flammable fuel to boil your water. Unfortunately, these fuels are highly volatile, so even one mishap during installation can produce a severe fire or even an eruption! Therefore, performing your installation at home is not worth putting your family’s lives in jeopardy. Let’s not discuss the resulting residential damage.

Product Information

Specialists have both education and experience: Certain properties will further guarantee a prompt and safe replacement of your tired unit plus a fast installation of your new system. Additionally, licensed plumbers have a detailed understanding of tooling, plumbing and system adaptability to have more minor issues with your heater.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Airing and ventilation are essential for gas water heater systems. If there isn’t adequate airflow, carbon monoxide accumulates. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a medical crisis. Moreover, individuals exposed to unusual levels of carbon monoxide are at risk of perpetual brain damage and can die. Carbon monoxide is a scentless fume. If there were a hole, you wouldn’t discover it. Tiny mistakes can have harsh consequences when it comes to installing outputs that utilise natural gas heaters.

Peace of Mind

If you opt with an authorised plumber, you’re not just getting a job done well – you’re investing in your family’s peace of mind. It’s a relief to know that you won’t be faced with property damage, loss of health or life, or any issues if you decide to resell your house.

As authorised water heater installers and providers of solar hot water systems, all of our technicians are legally accredited to handle hot water installations, repairs, replacements and maintenance jobs. Contact Ipswich Hot Water today!

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