What To Know When Taking On Hot Water Installation In Brisbane


Hot water installations in a new or existing home in Brisbane can be daunting if you do not know the difference between the units on offer. With professional guidance and assistance, you can ensure you get the best possible model for your home. Our team can take you through each option to which is suited to your needs as well as your budget. For a full rundown of what these options are,  read on, or get in touch with our experts now.

Standard Storage Tank Water Heaters

The most commonly seen model, the standard storage option, comes in gas and electric models and utilises a heating element to warm a tank. While gas is usually the more cost-effective option, it may vary depending on your local utilities and availability of resources. Gas is also usually the more expensive option to buy. However, the costs of operation make up the difference in about a year – from then on out, you are saving. These have a lifespan of around 10-15 years and tend to be the less expensive option overall.

High-Efficiency Storage Tank

As the name suggests, these are the most energy-efficient, tank-based models on the market. These will also come in both gas and electric ranges. A heat pump, or hybrid, heater is probably your best bet in this range if you are looking for an electric option as they often have the highest certifications. The gas models offer you a far cheaper cost of operation and upfront costs, making them the more budget-friendly options in this range. These designs pull heat from the surrounding air into the water in the tank. This makes them ideal for mild to hot climates.

Solar Tank Heaters

Solar heaters can cut your heating costs in half compared to using a standard model on a day to day basis. The setup tends to be expensive, but their ability to sustain themselves makes them a more beneficial addition in the long term. They have two basic components, broken down into a thermal collector, located on your home’s roof or in a space outside, and a storage tank with a backup source of hot water – the backup will tie into the existing gas or electric system.

Hot water installations are an important part of making your Brisbane home more comfortable to live in. You can ensure you have the best solution available to provide you with heating every day with the right choice. Contact us today to find out more about these services.

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