Signs Your Hot Water Tank Is Leaking

Leakage of water tank

Is your hot water tank leaking? Can you tell? As an integral part of your daily life, having working amenities is paramount to your happiness at home. There are a number of telltale signs that you have an issue at hand, and when you know what to look out for you can catch it early before it causes too much damage. Here is what you need to look for when at home, or how to tell when to call in the professionals.

Listen Up

Very often you can hear issues before you can see them, or any sign of damage is apparent around the home. If you hear rushing or dripping while you stand around your unit, you can follow the sound and search for visual confirmation of an issue. If you can hear noises and fluid, but no issues or breaks can be seen, there may be a break inside the unit itself. This can happen as a result of normal wear and tear over the years and requires replacement by a professional team.

Look At The Top 

Check the top of the unit where liquid enters and leaves the space, the tubes connecting from above the unit may be where the issue lies as this is a space that takes on especially high pressure over time. Inspect the tubes or pipes themselves, as well as the entry points where they meet the tank and may have lost their ability to seal the system. Check the pressure relief valve situated at the top as well, as this is another common space for issues when it comes to breakage.

Check The Bottom 

The drain valve, located at the bottom of the unit, is another common space for issues to occur. Check the drain valve for any dripping or pooling to see if there is a breakage in the pipes or seals.Replacing the drain valve is relatively simple and fairly inexpensive. This is usually caused by sediment buildup on the bottom of the unit which can corrode the inner lining and cause failure over time.

A leaking hot water tank is an issue you can manage before it’s too late. When you are aware of what to look out for you can be sure that your home is running smoothly and your day won’t be ruined by sudden loss of amenities. Contact us today to find out more about managing your plumbing and heating issues.

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