Do You Have A Hot Water Leak?

Water Heater leak

When looking for a hot water leak, there are a number of key areas which will usually be the source of an issue. From weak points to parts that can break from wear and tear, understanding where these problems can occur and how they can occur can help you find the issue. Once you find it, you can call the professionals to resolve the problem right away. Here are a few places to look if you think you have a problem on your hands.


The fittings that connect the system to the  inlet and  outlet pipes, these elements are located on the top of the heater and can be a frequent source of leakage. Check the areas where the inlet and outlet pipes connect to the hot water heater for signs of leakage. Most often, a break in these fittings can be easily fixed by tightening the right elements with minor adjustments. However, if the issue has been developing over time, and especially if there is pooling liquid, this can be a sign that something is wrong internally.

Temperature And Pressure Relief Valve

The temperature and pressure relief valve, located either on the side or top of your tank, is another area where problems can often be found. Whether through breakage from power issues or just over time, this is a common replacement part in many homes. When elements are heated by your unit they expand and build up pressure, the valve acts as a safety to release this pressure accordingly. When the valve is triggered, it opens and releases water from within the tank, lowering the pressure.  Whether from overflow or a break in the valve, this is another space where problems can be found.

Drain Valve

The drain valve is located at the bottom of the heater’s tank and is used to empty the unit of liquid.  If there is water visibility pooling at the base of your heater tank, check to make sure the drain valve is completely shut off. If there is still a flow pushing through then the drain valve may be loose or broken.

Looking for a leak in your hot water system or heater is easy enough, but to fix it requires a knowledge of working with these spaces. Rather trust the professional hand with situations like these and call us right away. Contact Ipswich to get the best expert help and advice for your property and its plumbing.

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