Thermann 26ltr 6* Continuous Flow Lpg/Ng Preset 50 Supply & Install

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*Supply Price only *free shipping within Ipswich and surrounds (conditions apply) Please contact us for any further information or quotation for supply & Install Supply and Install from $1340 The Thermann 6 star, energy efficient Gas Continuous Flow unit ensures you will have enough hot water, when you need it. With a 12 year warranty, you can rest assured you are covered for the life of the unit, and optional universal controllers ensure you always have precise control of your hot water temperature settings. The Continuous Flow units are available in both NG and LPG to suit your gas type.
  • Japanese Technology and Manufacture
  • AGA Approved
  • Over 50 years of manufacturing experience
  • Product Quality Guarantee
  • Watermark Approved
  • Optional Universal Controllers available
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Ipswich Hot Water exclusively supplies and installs the highest quality, lowest cost hot water storage tank from industry-leading Australian brands, such as Thermann. Why? Because we are committed to bringing affordable, accessible, and sustainable hot water to businesses and homes across Australia.

Our Thermann 26ltr 6 star continuous flow LPG/NG preset 50 units exemplify this. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits you will enjoy:

Unlimited, Instant Hot Water

The Thermann 26ltr 6 star continuous flow gas unit is renowned for offering hot water storage tank and an unlimited supply. Your water is heated instantly through the copper heat exchanger pipes within. As this is a continuous flow unit, there is no storage tank, meaning that you will never run out of hot water as you won’t have to wait for it to refill.

Convenient Size And Supply

Although this unit is compact, you will still enjoy more than enough hot water due to its 26ltr capacity and continuous flow feature. This means that your unit can be installed in hard-to-reach places or small spaces without compromising your hot water supply!

Complete Control

These units are ideal for consumers who like to control their hot water temperature and gas usage. You can choose to connect it to a universal controller, allowing you to set a precise, preferred temperature, or choose to use less gas.

Lasts Longer

The Thermann 26ltr continuous flow gas unit is made by a Japanese manufacturer that boasts over 50 years of experience in the industry. Why? Because their technology is unrivalled, as is their commitment to using the highest grade materials designed to lengthen their longevity. Their lifespan is further extended by a design developed specifically for Australia’s unique conditions.

Energy And Cost-Efficient

Your Thermann continuous flow gas unit will heat your water the moment your tap turns on – and it will turn off the moment your tap does. This means that your water is only heated as you need it, making it incredibly efficient and cost-effective, as you will never waste your gas.


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