Envirosun TS+300/40 (2x 2.0m Panel) Solar Hot Water System Supply & Install

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The Envirosun TS Plus 300 litre, open circuit 2 panel thermosyphon solar hot water heater is a superior made hot water unit, with the roof mounted storage cylinder that is manufactured in Holland from a very high grade 444 Stainless Steel for a longer life expectancy, this is imported to Australia as a bare tank and is all assembled in Victoria. The Envirosun TS Plus comes with 2 high solar absorption solar collector panels. These solar panels have one of the higher solargain / heat absorption rate in Australia over 20% higher than most other brands for solar hot water systems on the market. This reflects in our STC rating Envirosun TS Plus suitable for nearly every area in Australia. We also have a range of Envirosun solar panels for far north Queensland, the Northern Territory and other areas closer to the equator where solar adsorption rates are extreme, we also have engineered cyclone frames for the north Queensland coast line and Darwin and even flat roof pitch frames to elevate the systems when installing on roofs below the recommended pitch needed for solar gain


Envirosun’s Thermosiphon System (the TS Plus) is one of the most advanced solar hot water systems available in today’s market, offering a extremely high efficiency rate and a cost effective solution for most domestic homes. The Envirosun hot water storage cylinder and the solar collector panels are roof-mounted together as one seamless combined unit. Water is heated in the flat plate solar collector, and natural convection of hot water rising moves the water through the system into an insulated storage tank located above the solar panels on the right hand side as cooler water from the tank falls from the left into the lowest part of the solar panels, minimising any energy required.  This design principle has been in the roof mounted tank solar water heaters since the development of solar water heating and the Envirosun TS Plus outperforms other brands of systems with offers a superior level of efficiency and a economical solar hot water heating outlay. The clever design and engineering of the Envirosun TS Plus Thermosiphon System utilises the strongest of materials and state-of-the-art tank protection valves and systems to ensure a long operating life in all environments, from extreme heat on summer days to the near freezing winter nights are also not a problem. The Envirosun THX Plus is our closed circuit glycol solar and is suitable for areas which experience below zero winter night temperatures,  common frosts and in some cases snow. It is also  a better choice in some areas where the water quality is bit a below average.  This system uses the very efficient heat transferring properties of a special anti-freeze fluid, Glycol to transfer the absorbed energy to heat the water indirectly. In the Envirosun THX Plus solar hot water system, the water within the storage tank does not flow through the solar collectors, instead a glycol fluid is circulating from the solar panels through a “jacket” which is wrapped around the hot water storage tank. The Envirosun THX solar also is awarded higher STC’s than competitor brands of this closed circuit thermosiphon type

The latest cutting edge technology and the cumulative advancements of Envirosun’s 25 years industry experience combine to offer the ultimate in durability, reliability and affordability.

Envirosun is a Australian owned company that is operated with true family values and integrity,  with the highest level of quality control that makes the Envirosun TS Plus thermosyphon stainless steel solar hot water heater choice a smart one, not only financially but environmental and for a sustainable future Australia


The solar hot water storage tank and panels are connected together and located on the roof structure, facing in a northerly direction.  Hot water has a natural fall and rise cycle, hot water rises and cold water falls to the lowest point, as the sun heats the water in the collector, it rises and then goes into a storage tank.

Hot water rises naturally in the tank – this process is called thermo-siphoning, that’s why this type of solar water heaters are known as thermosyphon solar hot water systems and the Envirosun TS Plus model

The colder water at the bottom of the storage tank then travels into the lowest point of the solar collector panel and as it starts to heat up it rises in the solar panels to the highest point, then through a pipe to the storage tank. (shown in diagram)

The solar hot water panels are a sealed cased box with toughened glass face, a manifold of copper pipes and black powder coated copper absorption plates or fins to attract the heat and with the underside being fully insulated, traps the heat inside to give maximum solar gain and heat transfer to the water

This process is a continuous cycle and can save the average household over 80% of their hot water energy usage and related greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention the money that is saved with this type of solar hot water systems

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Product Description

Compared with traditional austenitic stainless steel (such as Type 316L and 304L) ferritic stainless steels offer major performance advantages. In particular, Type 444 out-lasts Type 316L when it comes to resisting localized corrosion or pitting attack at elevated water temperatures.

Generally, Type 444 is a highly durable and trouble-free material that offers significant live cycle cost advantages. Stainless steels derive their corrosion resistant properties through the inclusion of stainless steel. However the key to the enhanced performance of this Type 444 is the addition of molybdenum and chromium as further alloying elements (traditional austenitic grades incorporate nickel). During the final stage of the factory guarantee period you should arrange for an end-of-warranty service to be carried out. These quality European made 444 stainless steel cylinder have the final assembly here in Australia


Envirosun Stainless steel TS Plus solar hot water system Bare

Polyurethane is formed through the chemical reaction of two liquids with the mixture then injected into the contained space around the hot water storage tank and outer casing.  As the mixture is exposed to air, it expands to up to 10 times its liquid volume. In so doing it fills all of the contained space including the smallest of crevices. As the mixture dries it hardens to form a closed-cell structure that is a rigid and impermeable structure. Compared to fibreglass insulation that allows air to permeate, polyurethane is airtight. The resulting insulating barrier works at three levels: the gases trapped in the cells resist conductive heat losses; the air-tight structure prevents convective heat loss otherwise caused by the flow of warm air to the cooler surrounds; and condensation heat loss, normally caused as warm air is introduced to cold air, are avoided.

The solar hot water cylinders of all Envirosun storage tanks are encased within a polyurethane foam insulation system. The polyurethane mixture is pressure injected into the space between the cylinder and the external sheet metal casing.

The combination of metal and foam contributes to structural rigidity and is the basis of its excellent heat retention properties. Heat retention = more hot water for a longer period of time and that equates to money and energy cost savings


To achieve this they undergo a two-stage electroplating process. They are first plated with a layer of bright nickel and then re-treated with an over-coat of black chrome. This creates a ‘spectrally-selective surface’ that absorbs more solar radiation and re-emits less thermal energy. The underlying mechanisms are relatively simple. In the short wavelength part of the spectrum, the absorber behaves like a black surface and soaks up most of the sun’s energy. In the long wave length part of the spectrum, the absorber behaves like a silver surface and re-radiates little of its heat.

Envirosun’s black chrome absorbers plates have the highest efficiency solar selective coating available and they deliver performance gains about 20% above those available from such  non-selective treatments.

Envirosun solar hot water panels are secured inside high grade coated aluminium frames to reduce any corrosive materials on your roof

Our collectors are fitted with solar glass that is highly translucent and very strong.

It’s intended as maximising the amount of solar energy that is captured by the collector absorber plates (panels) while protecting them from impact damage. To explain, this, it’s first necessary to understand how a solar collector uses the ‘greenhouse-effect’ phenomenon to heat water.

As the sun’s rays fall on the glass cover are a form of short wavelength radiation. Most of the solar radiation passes through the glass but some is reflected or absorbed. The transmitted portion of solar radiation that reaches the black copper absorber plate, heats it and the water that is contained inside the pipework. The hot absorber also re-radiates thermal energy (a form of long wavelength radiation) which, in the absence of a cover, would escape and allow the plate to cool. The glass cover, however, acts as a reflector of the long wavelength radiation and bounces it back to the absorber, thereby containing the heat. Glass that has higher iron levels absorbs more solar radiation and allows less to reach the absorber plates. Low-iron glass can transmit about 91% of the incident solar radiation. Envirosun solar glass is produced with very low levels of iron impurities. Envirosun solar glass is also tempered using a heat-treatment process.



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