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Almost every single day, the team at Ipswich Hot Water are approached by property owners from the areas of Ipswich & Brisbane to replace their hot water systems with more effective solutions. Hot water system replacement and installation in Ipswich has thus become one of our most popular services.

Read this case study in which we explain the obstacles and approach involved with our hot water disconnection, removal, replacement & installation. 

Hot Water System

The Scenario

Our clients engage us to repair or replace their leaking hot water systems. This often happens at very short notice, since a leak in a hot water system is at risk of tripping their power switch leaving them without hot water. We endeavor to get out to the site asap and replace the hot water system. Each case and client is different, but our years of experience have made us pros when creating action plans. 

What Obstacles Do You Overcome?

With each case, many problems can present themselves, but most commonly, we deal with the disconnecting and removal of existing hot water systems. This involves replacing all the valves and pipework that has deteriorated over time. We replace these so that the client has peace of mind that they will not have to call back within the next year for a leaking or faulty valve.

This also brings the plumbing up to current Australian standards, which is mandatory when replacing a hot water system.

A compliance certificate form is then submitted to the QBCC informing the local council that a hot water system has been changed over and meets all current Australian standards.

Our last obstacle is removing all the rubbish from the site and leaving the area clean.

On Completion Of The Job, What Are The Top Three Things That You Are Most Proud Of?

Like we have mentioned before, each job is different and unique, but generally speaking, we are always proud of the following:

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