Thermann Electric Hot Water Unit Single Element 25ltr 3.6kw

Product Description

This small electric hot water system is easy to install and works well where space and access is restrictive. Particularly suitable for apartments and small units.
  • Appliance white finish
  • Manufactured using state of the art machinery
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Ipswich Hot Water endeavours to bring an affordable and accessible supply of hot water to homes and businesses across Australia. And this is exactly what you can expect from the high-end hot water systems we supply and install from Australian manufacturer, Thermann. Our Thermann electric storage 25ltr 3.6Kw hot water units are exceptionally affordable, as they are manufactured and distributed locally. They are also incredibly accessible, as their smaller size fits seamlessly into smaller, hard-to-reach spaces.

Even with their smaller size, you will still enjoy all the benefits of Thermann’s hot water units, which include:

Consistent Hot Water

These units keep your stored water at a consistently high temperature, ensuring you have access to hot water whenever you need it. Once the hot water is used, cold water begins filling the tank and is instantly heated by its electric element.

Quick Installation

The size of Thermann’s 25ltr electric storage units ensures quick and easy transport, installations, and changeovers. They also boast ‘V Fit’ configurations, meaning that their inlets and outlets are designed to guarantee ease of installation – making them perfect for businesses looking to upgrade their outdated systems without impacting business continuity. Thermann also offers plug-in models in this size, meaning you can easily change the location when needed.

Sizes To Suit Your Needs

Thermann’s smaller electric storage tanks are perfect for space limitations. However, they come in several capacities to ensure you still enjoy the supply of hot water you need without compromising on space. For example, their 50ltr tank offers double the hot water while still renowned as the shortest 50ltr storage tank in the Australian market.

Longer Longevity

As Thermann exclusively uses the highest quality, rust-resistant materials, their units last longer. Tough internal tank coatings also bolster these electric storage units’ longevity.

Energy Efficient

The insulation used in Thermann’s storage tanks is thicker than industry standards to eliminate heat loss. This makes them an exceptionally energy-efficient option for eco-conscious buyers.

Technical Information

  • Element Size 3.6 kW
  • Hot Water Delivery 25 ltr
  • Relief Valve Setting 1000 kPa
  • System Connections Dual Handed


Size and Dimensions

  • Diameter 405 mm
  • Height 455 mm
  • Tank Capacity 31 ltr



  • Cylinder Warranty 7 Years
  • Spare Parts and Labour 12 Months



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