Thermann Electric Hot Water Unit 10 Year Single Element 315ltr 3.6Kw Supply & Install

Product Description

Heating water through an insulated tank by an electric element, the Thermann Electric Hot Water System is quick and easy to install and available in 6 sizes. Now with a 10 year warranty, the large electric range features a thicker anode that works alongside the Y Class enamel to extend the life of the tank.
  • Australian made tanks
  • Electric footprint identical – easy changeover
  • Manufactured using state of the art machinery
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Ipswich Hot Water’s mission is to bring an affordable and consistent supply of hot water to homes and businesses across Australia. We achieve this mission through the renowned hot water brands we stock and install, including units from Australian manufacturer, Thermann.

Our Thermann electric storage 315ltr 3.6Kw hot water units are exceptionally affordable thanks to them being manufactured and distributed within Australia. They work like a larger, more efficient kettle, as they maintain the temperature of the water they store. As soon as you use hot water and cold water begins to fill the tank, it is immediately heated by the heating element. This means that you will enjoy a consistent supply of 315ltrs hot water at the twist of a tap. And that’s not!

You will also enjoy:

Quick Installations

These units are exceptionally easy to install, even when replacing your older, current unit! It also boasts an identical electrical footprint, making changeovers a breeze for our certified installers.

Several Sizes To Suit Your Needs

With six different sizes on offer, you will have no problem finding the right sized Thermann electric storage hot water unit for your unique hot water needs. All of our team members are trained to be experts in every product we carry. They will happily help you gauge which size best suits your needs and space.

Longer Lasting

Thermann exclusively uses the highest quality, rust-resistant materials to ensure that they last longer than most other brands. These electric storage units even boast tough internal tank coatings to increase their longevity!

For Australians, By Australians

As these Thermann units are Australian-made, they have been specifically designed to withstand our harsh and unique conditions – whether installed inside or outside.

Energy Efficient

Thermann’s storage tanks are protected with insulation that is thicker than industry standards, eliminating heat loss and enhancing their energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.


Size and Dimensions

  • Approximate Weight (empty) 93 kg
  • Diameter 620 mm
  • Electrical Entry Height 105 mm
  • Height 1765 mm
  • Inlet Height 195 mm
  • Outlet Height 1530 mm
  • Tank Capacity 321 ltr




  • Cylinder Warranty 10 Years
  • Spare Parts and Labour 12 Months




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