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Do You Have A Hot Water Leak?

Water Heater leak

When looking for a hot water leak, there are a number of key areas which will usually be the source of an issue. From weak points to parts that can break from wear and tear, understanding where these problems can occur and how they can occur can help you find the issue. Once you find it, you can call the professionals to resolve the problem right away. Here are a few places to look if you think you have a problem on your hands.


The fittings that connect the system to the  inlet and  outlet pipes, these elements are located on the top of the heater and can be a frequent source of leakage. Check the areas where the inlet and outlet pipes connect to the hot water heater for signs of leakage. Most often, a break in these fittings can be easily fixed by tightening the right elements with minor adjustments. However, if the issue has been developing over time, and especially if there is pooling liquid, this can be a sign that something is wrong internally.

Temperature And Pressure Relief Valve

The temperature and pressure relief valve, located either on the side or top of your tank, is another area where problems can often be found. Whether through breakage from power issues or just over time, this is a common replacement part in many homes. When elements are heated by your unit they expand and build up pressure, the valve acts as a safety to release this pressure accordingly. When the valve is triggered, it opens and releases water from within the tank, lowering the pressure.  Whether from overflow or a break in the valve, this is another space where problems can be found.

Drain Valve

The drain valve is located at the bottom of the heater’s tank and is used to empty the unit of liquid.  If there is water visibility pooling at the base of your heater tank, check to make sure the drain valve is completely shut off. If there is still a flow pushing through then the drain valve may be loose or broken.

Looking for a leak in your hot water system or heater is easy enough, but to fix it requires a knowledge of working with these spaces. Rather trust the professional hand with situations like these and call us right away. Contact Ipswich to get the best expert help and advice for your property and its plumbing.

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Benefits Of Using An Instantaneous Hot Water Heater

Instantaneous Hot Water Heater

Having an instantaneous hot water heater in your home or building has a number of benefits that ensure its place, and worth in any house. While there are many ways to heat these amenities and there are many models available, with a vast type of power choices and functions, there is one that stands out with distinct benefits when discussing ideas. In reality these systems have their distinct benefits and are widely used even today.

Constant Supply

A common myth is that instant or tankless system options are not as effective as storage alternatives because they cannot maintain a bulk supply of heated elements. Properly installed, adjusted and sized tankless systems are extremely successful in providing an endless supply when and where you need it. While most think of the old-timey designs, the newer models have modern abilities that ensure their efficiency.

Space Saving 

A tankless design like this can be installed either outdoors or indoors, and is mounted on a wall for stability and access. These surprisingly compact designs have electronic pilots unlike the open-flame controls of the tanked options. This also allows the system to be enclosed in cupboards, closets or other small areas. Places where the tank system would be hazardous.

Longer Service Life, Less Maintenance 

If properly and correctly installed, this design will last far longer than a traditional tank-based option available on the market. Not only better for longevity, their maintenance needs are also very low, meaning reduced costs on call outs and repairs. Conventional heating systems last for around 7-10 years, while a good quality tankless syste can last for up to two decades. Almost every element and part of the tankless system can be serviced and replaced individually, which also means that when repairs are needed, you only service one piece and not replace an entire unit.

Higher Safety And Convenience

Since these instant solution systems have neither a tank nor an open-flame, they are definitely safer than the storage options alongside them on the market. With a digital temperature system and increased efficiency these are an ideal way to go to provide your home with optimum hot water abilities.

If you are looking for a reliable instantaneous hot water heater solution for your home or property be sure to go for a certified, trusted brand of model, as well as a professional company to install it correctly. With all the expertise you require, be sure to contact us immediately when you need these services!

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Benefits Of Using Alternatives To Solahart Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solahart hot water systems are versatile, but are not the only solution to your solar heating needs. There are a number of alternatives available that can provide excellent eco-friendly hot water to your property. Whether you choose a Solahart hot water system or one of our top quality alternatives, installing one of these technological designs in your home will help you save money and reduce your dependency on the grid. Read on to see the benefit of installing one of our trusted alternative options on your property.

Active Systems With Constant Supply

These designs come in two general forms. The first, being direct circulation, encompasses  systems that pump household water through collecting elements, before funneling it back to where it is needed. These systems make use of automatic controllers that sense when sunlight is available to be used. The second type is the indirect circulation system. This design takes on heating by pumping household water through a heat-transfer fluid that doesn’t freeze. Once complete it is then sent through collectors and an exchanger which ensures the transfer warms the liquid inside the collectors.

Passive Systems In Warm Climates

As we live in a warm climate, there are also two types of passive systems available to you. An integral collector-storage system is made up of a tank for storage, a solar collection unit, as well as pipes that carry the soon-to-be-heated liquid into the collector. This system suits a home that needs hot water heated in the day and evening.


Less space: Solar thermal panels usually require much less space than their common alternative products. Fewer are required for amenities like this, than in an array used to produce power for a home.

High efficiency: Consistent sun is a continuous source of energy to be used on a day to day basis. With the right configuration you can have a maximised output of energy.

Cost savings: The cost of two or three panels is cheaper than larger installations. Not to mention the obvious cut in costs to power bills in general.

Low maintenance: After installation, little maintenance is required, and a system can run for up to 20 years.

Lower carbon footprint: A home can be eco-friendly and ensure a far lower carbon footprint.

Solahart hot water systems may seem ideal, until you see the brilliant range available as a more effective and cost-reducing alternative selection. Harness natural energy for your home in the most effective ways. With a range of designs and models available, these are an investment in your property and family’s well-being. Contact us today to find out more about what options are available!

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Why It’s Important To Use A Licensed Plumber

Licensed Plumber

Licensed plumbers provide important services to ensure the good health and safety of your home by keeping your plumbing system functional. A professional plumber will accurately and efficiently diagnose the problems present in the system, and know how to make all necessary repairs. With expertise and experience at hand, any potential issues can be addressed before they lead to serious problems down the road. When you hire licensed plumbers you can trust that they will have the expertise, as well as the equipment, to manage any issues effectively.

The Biggest Reasons To Avoid Unlicensed “Providers”

Without these pieces of proof, there is no way to ensure that the unlicensed individual has the knowledge needed to fix the problems at hand. Whether improper training or simply not having the knowledge at all, these individuals can wreak havoc on the long term health of your home. Hiring a “professional” without the proper proof of certification could also cause you to end up with legal trouble should the issues caused lead to municipal problems or property damage especially. While you may save a bit on the services, you can potentially pay far more down the road for your shortcut.

Health & Safety 

Someone without the proper training and know-how can easily put your health and your property at risk with less than acceptable services. Bad services and installations can result in breakage of pipes and damage to a building structure, as well as put your family at risk with potentially harmful elements coming from the sewage or water system. These untrained providers are more likely to scam you or engage in unethical behaviour to get the job done cheap. This is partly because they are not obligated to report to a regulatory board. Inexperienced or under trained amateurs should not be involved in complicated and dangerous work such as gas appliance installations.

Having the services of a licensed plumber is integral to the health and wellness of your property. When you have access to experience and skills, you can ensure that you are receiving high quality work that will let you have peace of mind for years to come. Years of experience and the certified training ensure that those who work on your home systems have the knowledge required to complete a high standard of work at all times. Contact us right away to speak to your qualified professionals or find out more information about these services we offer.